Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 9: Fuel Station Launch (Demo Level)

Objective: The cargo ship is about to debark for the Valley of the Jedi with 8t88 on board. Get off the roof tops and into the fueling station. Once inside, drain the primary fuel tank and pass through it. The shortest route to the refueling gantry is through the fuel pipes themselves. Shut down the fuel flow to empty out the pipes. Sneak through the fuel pipes to the reservoir under the cargo ship. Find a way up to the fueling gantry and sneak onto the cargo ship before it takes off.

Reward: One star towards force powers. You now gain the force power "seeing". You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull" and "seeing".

Level of Difficulty: Not all that difficult a level. It is rather linear and straight forward once the center tank is drained and wrench found to open the door.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Knock Knock, anyone home? 1) Run forward and around to the left. Go up the stairs and move forward. Drop down and squeeze under the pipe. To your right before you drop down is a thin ledge. Follow it and go up the ramp and grab items you find. Run down ramp and drop down. Go up step and head for locked door.
Nice shack, complete with key 2) Go to your left and jump and squeeze through space between pipe and wall of building. Continue on, and go under the pipe when you can, emerging on the other side. Move forward and drop off edge. Go up ramp into the shack and grab the yellow key inside. Run back down the ramps and jump up to the ledge you dropped from. Continue forward and go under the pipe again. Open the door on the far side.
Lowering the fuel 3) Move forward and to left. Force jump onto the bunker when you find it and grab the items. Drop back down and go in the bunker and out door on far side. Follow the ledge around the walls to far side. Throw the switch to change the fuel levels in the tanks and go back to the bunker. The image inside will display a green bar across the middle tank. Take lift in bunker down to level below.
That cut off level 4) At the bottom of the lift, to the upper left is a cubby hole. Jump up and grab items inside. Drop back down and move forward and to the left. Move down and when you see a level that is cut off above the switch, Use force power "jump" to get up onto it.
This door leads down 5) Follow the level around and go up the lift. Grab the wrench at far side and drop down over left edge to area below. Head towards the door, but just before the door, to the left is a cubby hole. Jump up and grab the items you find. Drop back down and head away from the door, dropping down to the area below. Move out onto the cut off level and drop down. Head to the orange door and go through.
Use the wrench... use the wrench. 6) Go down the platform and go across the gap. Head to the left to the area near the door. Activate the switch and go in the open door. Turn around and close the door behind you. Move across the platform and open the door on the far side. Go through. Jump the gap to the far side. Mission Objective Complete.
Moving down some slanted floors 7) Get on the plat and ride it to the bottom. Stay on the platform and ride it up two levels. Shoot the fuel tanks and grab the items in the two cubby holes. Ride the platform to the bottom again, and go through the door on far side. Throw the switch. The floors will begin to slant inward.
Another orange door 8) Run across the pipe shooting the sentry guards. At far end, jump onto the pipe on the right. Follow the ring down to the far side of the pipe and go in the cubby hole grabbing items. Jump back to the other pipe and go in the hole in the wall you caused when destroying the sentry weapons. Go through the orange door on the right.
Another computer screen 9) Throw the three switches you find, starting from left to right. Take the platform down and throw the switch to open the door. Go outside and to the right. Close the door behind you. Mission Objective Completed.
Knock Knock, anyone home? 10) Open and close each successive door behind you. Take the right fork when it is presented to you and go through the next two doors. Drop down the tube.
Removing the cap 11) Use force power "jump" to cross the pool and go down the next tube. Take the bottom tube and skip over the pool, following the tube into a spherical reservoir. Use your sabre to slash through the cap.
Is that a ship on the wall? 12) Jump into the upper left cubby hole and follow the ledge on the right over the edge of the tube. Go up the stairs, and go around the room and up the lift. Follow the hallway.
Up the tall elevator 13) Go through the door and turn left and left again. Move forward and take the large lift up two stops. Move up the ramp past the large fuel tanks and take the elevator on the right going way up.
Taking the high road 14) Go up the ramp and get on top of the top pipe. Run along the pipe to it's end and then slide down the left side. Drop down and run along the fueling pipes and use force power "jump" to get onto the edge of the departing ship.