Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 8: Palace Escape

Objective: Escape from the ballroom to the palace rooftop. On the roof of the palace, a slight misstep means a certain end. Use the air ducts to gain entrance back into the tower and track down 8t88. Find 8t88's shuttle by using the palace venilation system to cross to the far tower.

Reward: Three stars towards force powers. Your rank is now apprentice. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed","jump", and "pull".

Level of Difficulty: The objective is correct in the sense that you have to watch your step, a lot of long falls here. However, the overall level isn't too bad.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Slashing through the grate 1) Move and get on the elevator and ride down. At the bottom go around the left computer and grab items. Get back on elevator and ride it up until a point where you can slash through the grate and slash the control panel inside. Get back on the elevator and ride it out through the opening in the roof. Jump up onto the roof. Mission Objective Completed.
Slide down into the air duct entrance 2) Run towards the walls on your right. Use force power "jump" to get on top of the center wall. Now turn to the left and jump onto the wall. Drop down to the bottom of the large sloped air tunnel and move forward a little. There is an entrance to the air ducts below you in the middle of each air tunnel. Slide down the side of the air tunnel to get into the air duct. Mission Objective Completed.
Following the ducts 3) Drop down into the duct. Turn right, halfway between the two entrances is a floor panel that can be destroyed and stuff found underneath. Once the items are taken turn back to entrance and head forward through the ducts until you are walking down a slanted section. The left wall of the section can be broken and stuff found inside. Grab the items and continue on, dropping into the room at the end of the duct.
On top of the elevator 4) Leave the room through the door and go down the ramp one level. Follow the walkway and go into the elevator. Jump up on the crates and force jump out of the elevator through the hole in the top. From the top, jump to the ledge below and use the sabre on the grate.
The tunnel 5) Move forward and down the steel frame to the entrance on the far side. Go through the hallway and jump onto the nearest elevator cart. Jump over to the top of the next elevator and ride it down. Jump into the tunnel on the side.
Slashing through the grate 6) Fall down through the doors on the bottom of the tunnel and at the bottom jump to the left side. Move forward and to the left. When the fan stops blowing, drop down and run up the inside of the pipe to the back. There is a vertical pipe in the floor with an alcove. Wait for the fan to stop blowing again and drop inside. Use force jump to get into the alcove. When the fan is blowing again, get out of alcove and allow yourself to be blown across to the building on the far side.
Peering down over the edge of the platform 7) Jump up onto the left ledge and follow the ledge around the sides of the building until you find a grate in the side. Jump and slash the grate. Jump inside and grab the items. Follow the ledge back around to the wind tunnel again. Move up and to the right. Jump over to a metal platform, and turn back towards the wind tunnel. Drop over the edge to the level below. Keep dropping until on a floor with some small boxes.
The elevator 8) Crouch to get through entrance and then proceed to the elevator and go up. Move through the hallway on the top. Run across the panels that open for the shuttle to far side and wait to get picked up. Mission Objective Completed.