Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 6: Into the Dark Palace

Objective: Find a route through the ruins to the palace tower. Gain entry to the tower via the upper plaza deck. Locate the primary bulkhead doors protecting the main entrance. Find a way into the control room above the inner door. Once inner door is open, fight your way past the guards in the main ante chamber. Find passage to the top of the palace.

Reward: Three stars towards force powers. Your rank is now learner, and "jump" is now an available force power. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed" and "jump".

Level of Difficulty: If your goal in this map is to destroy everything, it will be a long night. The Walker's take a lot to kill them. If you blow up barrels near them, some will be destroyed, otherwise only the lightsabre seems to damage them.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Pass through stables 1) Move forward through what appear to be stables.
Enter first building 2) Turn right, and right into the first building entrance you see. Follow the staircase inside up.
Through blocked archway 3) Upstairs, travel through the jammed door and go out the partially blocked archway in the far left of the room.
Drop through hole 4) Head right, and enter the collapsed building. There is a hole in the floor you must drop through.
Head down stairs 5) Head down the stairs and into the water. Take the next flight of stairs down and enter the room on the right. Take the goodies and swim through the hole in the roof. Take the railgun, but conserve it until told to use it.
Emerge in part of sewer 6) Head back to flight of stairs to take a breath. Re-enter the water and swim forward and down the hole. Take the left branch and you will emerge in part of a sewer.
Enter room with computer stations 7) Jump up and follow the ramp. Go through the hole in wall and take elevator up. Enter the room with a number of computer stations.
Pass stormtroopers and goto to door 8) After hearing them, take out the storm troopers in the room on your left. Go through the other door that was in the hallway. Mission Objective Completed.
Come to a door on side of palace 9) Drop down and move closer to the palace. Run around the palace to the left and closer to the palace until you get to what looks like a blocked ramp into the palace.
Room in buildings outside 10) There are two rooms in the buildings outside and across from the ramp. Each has a switch inside you need to take out. First take out the walker with the rail gun and proceed into the rooms. Throw one switch, use force power "speed" and run to other switch and throw it. Run towards the ramp, you will see two walkways extending to meet above you.
On top of outer buildings 11) Run up the ramp, and once on top, turn 180 degrees. Run towards and across the two walkways you extended.
Find sentry gun area you can jump to 12) Turn to the left and run across the roof of the building until you come to a point where you can jump across into an area where a sentry gun was. Mission Objective Completed.
Find door to control room 13) Move into the palace and take right branch following the hallway until you arrive at the door to the control room.
Enter first building 14) Hit the closest switch and run across outer door as it lowers. Jump up and hit switch on other side. The inner door will begin to lower. The door has tabs on top, jump onto this door. Make sure you are on the edge closest to the control room. When the door with tabs has raised near the roof again, jump from this door into the open area above and then quickly run forward and around the corner.
Drop into the antechamber 15) Slash the two grates and fall into the control room. Mission objective completed. Move around the corner and slash the grate in floor. Hit the switch and drop through grate into the antechamber.
Enter elevator 16) Run forward and throw the switch and enter the elevator. Mission Objective Completed.