Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 5: Barons Hed - The Fallen City

Objective: Follow the canal into the besieged city of Barons Hed. Jerec's palace is heavily guarded and blocked off by high walls. Find your way inside those barriers.

Reward: One star towards force powers. Your rank is still initiate, and "speed" is still the only available force power. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force power "speed".

Level of Difficulty: The first truly non linear map. You can take a number of approaches to solve most of the map.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Peering down the channel 1) Jump into the water and swim down the center of the steel structure in the center of the pool. In the tunnel below is an alcove with some items, grab them and swim back to the surface. Move forward and head to the right.
The bridge across 2) On the right side is a door. Follow the hallways and ledges along the right side until crossing a walkway to the left side of the channel. Follow that hallway until you arrive on a wooden platform suspended above the river.
Take the upper tunnel 3) Jump into the water and swim against the current. You will see a tunnel in the wall on your left. Swim in and when you can surface in a chamber, do so and jump into the top tunnel. Follow it until it branches right. Take right branch and use sabre on the grate above. Jump out. Mission Objective Completed.
The dining room 4) Follow the tunnel leading outside. Go into the door of the first house you find and up the stairs. Go into the room on the left and use sabre on the breakable wall in the lower right. Grab the items and slash the roof of the area behind the breakable wall. Move up and over to grab more items. Go out to the room proper, and head out of room past the stairs into the dining room. Go through the room and down the stairs on the other side.
A store with an awning 5) Move over the bridge and take the first left. Move past the bazaar and take far left alleyway. Go in the far door with an awning and jump over the counter. Use the sabre on the wall in far left. Grab the large number of items inside.
The ramp 6) Leave the shop and go left. Take the entrance in the same wall as the store and go up the stairs. Run across the courtyard into the fruit market to the far side where the door is lying against the wall. Use activate on the door and grab the stuff behind it. Head back to the stairs, but go up the ramp to the right of them.
Jump to the roof 7) On the ramp, jump onto the railing and turn around. Now jump onto the roof. Move forward and jump onto the slanted roof on your left. Go in the window and follow through the building to the upper walkway.
Peering down the channel 8) Go along the upper walkway and under the awning into the club. Jump onto the stage and slash the wall on the far left. Find the goodies and leave the club. Outside, jump onto the railing of the walkway and jump up onto the roof of the fruit market. Follow the roof around to the other side.
The ramp and the door 9) Drop down on the other side. Go down the ramp and over to the collapsed walkway. Jump up to the opening at the top. It is tricky and my require you to use force power "speed". Grab all the items and go back out. Go up the ramp and then through the door. Follow your way through the house and at the end, jump onto the roofs. At the end of the roofs, drop down. Mission Objective Completed