Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 4: The Jedi's Lightsabre

Objective: Use the aqueducts and irrigation channels behind the house to make your way to the water purification plant. Raise the water level inside the purification plant so you can proceed to the river dam. Find passage to river dam. Beyond the dam is your rendezvous point with Jan. Once there, you'll be paying 8t88 a visit, in the city of Baron's Hed.

Reward: Three stars towards force powers. You are now initiated, but can only assign stars to force power "speed". If you desire, you can assign up to four of your six force stars.

Level of Difficulty: By far the most difficult level so far. Not as linear as previous levels, there is still only one path, but multiple roads to get there. At least one secret can only be found easily if you take a specific path, you will avoid it otherwise.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Knocking on the door 1) Throw the switch in the room to practice blocking with the lightsabre. When complete, drop through the floor grate, breaking it if necessary. Use sabre on the grate in the tunnel and head right when you arrive at the end. Follow the channel until you come to a door. Open the door with the switch and continue on.
Swimming against the current 2) Follow the ramp on the left hand side up to the top. Head along the right side where there is running water. Jump into the water and swim with the current. Use your sabre on the grate and grab the items. Get back into the water and swim against the current into the tunnel.
On the platform 3) Head up the ramps and crouch to continue through the tunnel. Move forward and to the right until your find running water. Jump into the water and use the sabre on the grate. Once the tunnel top disappears and you can go up the get a breath, jump onto the T or Y shaped walkway suspended above the water.
Edge of the platform 4) Take the right branch towards the waterfall. Above the waterfall is an entrance. As you head over the waterfall, jump into the entrance. Follow the tunnel up and back towards the platform grabbing the items. Drop into the water and get back on the platform. Run forward along the platform and up the sloped tunnel.
On bottom level looking up 5) Move through the upper left area with ramps and steps. When you are able to, jump to the level below with a channel filled with water. Ride the water down until you can jump to the first set of ledges on the side. Drop off the edge of the ledge to the bottom level. Move down the slope until you can exit.
Looking in the crack in the aqueduct 6) Drop to the ledge below but be careful, there is a drop immediately below the ledge. Try to jump a little ways forward. Move forward and around the corner past the crates. Drop down into the aqueduct and go through the crack in the side. Move down the channel until you reach the end.
In the steel jungle gym 7) Move through the steel structure. You will need to move along the steep slopes and jump onto the center beam. Basically try to jump a little early and at an angle such that you will hit about 1/6 th of the way along the beam or slope. Do that and you should have no problems. When you reach the end of the structure, drop into the irrigation channel.
The purification plant 8) Follow the irrigation channel forward and through a small underground until you find the purification plant. Mission Objective Complete
The hole in the concrete wall 9) On the left side of the channel just a little before you enter the plant is a ledge. Jump onto the ledge and walk along to end. Drop into the hole at end and grab the items you find there. Now get back out and into the channel and go into the plant. Drop to the water below and swim to your left. There is a hole midway in one of the concrete walls. Swim down and through the hole, coming up on other side for air.
Swimming out of the center spire 10) At the bottom of the center spire, on the right is a hole to enter the inside of the spire. Swim down and up through the hole, throwing the switch you find at that top. The water will rise outside and the tops of the concrete walls will be capped. Swim down the spire and emerge through the hole at the bottom. Swim to the right and through the hole in the concrete wall. Move upwards to the water surface. Get out of the plant through the irrigation channel you dropped in through. Mission Objective Completed.
Heading back down the channel towards the dam. 11) Follow the irrigation channels away from the purification plant. Move forward till you find a large pool of water. At the far edge is the drop off for the dam, avoiding going over the edge. To your right is some dry concrete. Swim there. Mission Objective Completed.
Follow the hallway 12) Follow the hallway and go up the platform. Follow the walkway over the dam and when you can take a right, do so to take the platform down. Run past the wooden crates and into the water. The large room has three sets of sloped walls. In the middle of the second set, under the water is a pipe. Follow the pipe and grab the items at the end. Follow the pipe back into the middle channel and follow to the right.
The big door 13) Go up the ramp on the left and down the channel. When the channel is over a pool of water, drop down to the pool and head up the sloped banks. Go through the big door on the right. Mission Objective Completed.
The Crow comes to rescue you 14) Go up the elevator and throw the switch to open the back door down below. Go down the elevator and go out the door to meet the Crow. Mission Objective Completed.