Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 3: The Return Home to Sulon

Objective: Find your way into your father's home to look for Weegee, the family droid. Go through house, around back and through your father's natural power generator. Watch your step near the pools of battery acid. Locate your father's workshop.

Reward: One star towards force powers. You are uninitiated, but now can assign stars to force power "speed". If you desire, you can assign all three accumulated force stars.

Level of Difficulty: Extremely linear level. You really don't have much of a choice in what direction to go. Objects are well hidden or at least take time to find, i.e. key.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Looking in the windows 1) Turn 180 degrees and head uphill. Shoot the breakable wall and grab the goodies. Head to the left of the house. After passing the wooden barricades, shoot the breakable wall to your left up the hill. Continue on to the back of the house. You will find three windows with the shutters open. Shoot the middle one and drop into the house. Mission Objective Completed.
On a falling board 2) Head through the door on the left. Go across the room and open the door on far side. Drop into the hole in the floor to your left.
Looking for the red key 3) Go through the door. Head straight and around the corner. There is a breakable wall on your right. Grab the goodies and then continue and go up the stairs to the first landing. Go through the door and around through the double doors on the far side. Move forward and jump onto the crates in the far left of the room. The red key is hidden behind them.
In the garden 4) Head back through the double doors and the single door. Go up the next flight of stairs to the next landing. Go through two door. In the next room turn around and go in the door in the same wall as the door you entered the room from. Proceed forward through the next door into the garden.
The red door 5) Go through the columns and continue forward until you encounter a cave in. Shoot the wall to the left of the cave in and grab the items inside. Head back into the garden and go the the double doors on the left. Open the doors.
Room with the yellow wrench 6) Head up the stairs and through the door at the top. At second alcove shoot wall and it will slide out of the way. Grab the goodies and continue on thorough the next two sets of double doors. Move down hallway pass two more doors and up the stairs. Open the double doors on the left and grab the yellow wrench. Go back to hallway and continue down. Open the door on the right and head down the ramps to find the blue wrench. Head back up the ramps and head right when you exit door.
The two locks requiring wrenchs 7) Jump into the water and swim to the right. Find the hole in the floor and swim down. Use both wrenches in the room you find and swim back out through the pipe. Head to the far right of the waterfall and go through the opening. As you go up the ramp, go into the alcove on your right and grab the items.
Running along walkway 8) Head back down the ramp and jump onto and over the wall on your left. Go through the door and continue up the various ramps. Follow walkway until you arrive at acid pool.
Overlooking acid pool 9) Drop into the acid near the entrance and turn back towards the entrance. Go into the hole and grab the stuff. Come out of the hole and swim quickly to the the right and out of the acid. Continue along the walls to the opening on the far side. I recommend swimming through the acid after jumping from a wall if you can't navigate the tops of the walls. Mission Objective Completed.
The workshop 10) Move through a rocky tunnel. At the center on the right is an alcove with some items in it. Grab the items. At the end of the tunnel is the workshop. Mission Objective Completed