Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 20: Boc - The Crude or Boc - A Nuisance

Light Objective: Boc is the last of Jerec's Dark Jedi and he will fight to the very end. You must destroy him quickly and stop Jerec from seizing the Valley's power.

Dark Objective: Eliminate the feeble and pretentious Boc. His weak attempts to keep you from the power of the Valley will be to no avail. Show him the true power of the dark side.

Reward: No stars are awarded towards force powers on this level. You should assign your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", and your four light or dark jedi powers, as there are no more force stars available in the game, and only one level left after this one.

Level of Difficulty: Boy, this one was tough. Boc is plain difficult to catch. He repeatedly jumps up and down, and can be difficult to hit. If you are light jedi, then use of force powers "absorb" and "health" seem to be a good combination and will help you defeat him. Alternately force power "persuade" is a good choice, but you can't just circle strafe him and keep swinging your sabre. He will run away on you. What you want to do is use the force power and sneak up behind him and attack then withdraw. If you are a dark jedi, keep close to him. He doesn't use many force powers other then jump, but if you get away from him, you will see a lot of force power "destruction" coming your way.
Boc - The Laughing Kangaroo
1) With his two sabres and repeated jumping, Boc can be a difficult opponent. He doesn't stick around, and will block most attacks you throw at him. You have to be sneaky, and able to use your force powers to defeat him.

Use mound for cover
2) The central mound can be used often for cover from attack. If you are waiting for your force powers to recharge, keeping the mound between you and Boc may be a good idea.

Boc laughs his last laugh
3) Off to the side of the coliseum, is a room with a lot of shrapnel and a bacta tank. Boc obviously found something so funny he laughed himself to death here. If you are a dark jedi and you are finding Boc difficult to defeat, then The Pope has an alternate strategy for you. In the room with all the debris, opposite the statue with the health pack behind it, are two ledges, one to the left and one to the right. You must use force power "jump" to reach them. The two ledges are deep enough that if you stand at the back of them, Boc can't hit you with force power "destruction". If you time things properly, you can move to the edge of one of the ledges, nail Boc with force power "throw", then quickly move to the back of the ledge before he uses force power "destruction". A little patience and Boc will be quickly vanquished this way.