Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 2: The Lost Disk

Objective: Recover your father's datadisk from clutches of 8t88's severed arm. Clear out the three-eyed Grans to create a safe landing zone for the Crow. Work your way to the top of Nar Shaddaa. From there Jan Ors will pick you up in the Crow.

Reward: One star towards force powers. Can't be assigned yet, you are uninitiated.

Level of Difficulty: Somewhat difficult level. Difficulty is mainly in the number of bottomless pits you can find yourself falling into.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
The arm with the disc 1) Drop down to the level below the landing pad and continue dropping down until you can't any further. You will find the opening of a tunnel in the floor. Drop into the tunnel and retrieve the arm. Mission Objective Completed
Pass the generator 2) Go through the door that opens in front of you and follow the tunnel. First take the left branch, and then a drop. Pass the generator and go down a pipe again.
Reached the edge 3) Go forward and through the door on the left. Drop down to the left and head over the overhang and to the tunnel below. Drop off the edge at the end of the tunnel.
Crack to level below 4) Drop down between the supports to a ledge below, grab all the goodies. Get on the elevator and travel up. Move to the left and fall through the crack to the level below. Move forward and around the corner.
The multiple walkway ramps 5) Follow the multiple walkway ramps you find to the top. Run across the walkway and through the hallway. In the next room take the ramp to the top and go through the door.
Looking down one furnace and conveyer belt 6) Turn left and go down the slope into doorway. Go around left handside avoiding first pit. Go around the second pit and drop down so you land on area above the furnace or onto the conveyer belt. Jump from the conveyer belt into the control room. Throw the switch and jump back onto the conveyer belt.
Riding cargo box to top 7) Drop off the side of the conveyer belt furthest from the control room. Head around corner and go over the crates until you find a small lift going to top of furnace. Jump onto the top of a crate when it passes underneath. Ride the crate up when the lift is activated. At top, jump off the crate onto the walkway.
View from the control room 8) Go through door on left hand side. Go over the crates and into the control room. Grab the red key and head back over the crates and out the door. Run across a beam to the ledge on farside.
Opening the furnace door 9) On farside move towards door and throw the switch outside. Wait for beams to move to other side. Open the red door and activate the switch inside. It will open the furnace door outside.
Room with a few crates 10) Run across the beam and follow the passage on the left through the doors. In the room you will find some crates. Jump till you are on the colored crate and jump to the ledge on farside. Grab the goodies and head up the ramp in the room.
Looking down from a diagonal support 11) You will find a conveyer belt with an enormous crate on it. Move forward until you are past the enormous crate and see a diagonal support. Run up the diagonal support and jump onto crate when it passes down past you. Run to other side and up diagonal support. Continue doing this until you reach the top.
Looking down ramp 12) Move forward to the forks. Move to the far left hand side and drop to diagonal part of level beneath. Turn around and get on forks on far side. Follow the forks to cubby hole in wall and grab all the items. Get back on forks and return to the ledge. Move down the ramp in the center.
Jump onto one step escalators 13) Drop down the hole and run around crates to safety. Jump over crates until on a one step escalator and ride it to the top. Run past the converyer belt on other side and go down the hole.
Peering at the stopped escalator 14) Turn counter clockwise and move forward. Open the door and go through. Move on to the top of the mound of crates on the left side. Jump across to the crates on the other side and grab all the goodies. Drop down to the broken conveyer belt.
On the thin wall 15) Move across the broken conveyer belt and get on to lift. Move onto the left wall as the lift rises. The wall will lead underneath the suspended conveyer belt. Grab all the goodies underneath.
Ride on crate 16) Get back on the lift and follow to top. Jump onto a cargo container and jump into area above furnace.
Area just below destination 17) Jump onto the second lift and jump into area on left just below the lifts destination. Go to the farside and grab the goodies you find.
Entering room with Grans 18) Walk along the hallway and up the ramp. At top, turn around and walk along wall to the end. Jump to area you see and grab the goodies. Drop back down the ramp and follow it up and along the ledge. Cross the walkway and go into the room. Mission Objective Completed
Clear Grans 19) Kill all the Grans so the Crow can land and pick you up. Mission Objective Completed.