Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 18: Descent Into the Valley

Objective: The control room will allow you to lower the payload through the cargo staging area. Continue on to level 3, past the cargo statging area. Find the ventilation system the empire installed to filtrate the air from the valley core. Drop into the air shaft leading to the valley interior.

Reward: Three stars are awarded towards force powers on this level. Your rank is now Jedi Lord or Jedi Dark Lord. You have reached the highest jedi level in record time, eat your heart out Luke. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", and your four light or dark force powers.

Level of Difficulty: Not too difficult though the second switch was difficult to find at first.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Large cargo container
1) Follow the lift to the top and go in the door. Your immediate goal for the level will be to lower the payload, suspended above your head, down the various levels. Move across the room and go down the ramp as it descends clockwise.

Looking down over the edge
2) Throw the switch and get on the small lift. You must fall down to the bottom of the bay where you see the large cargo door in the floor. If you try and aim for the level just above the floor you will suffer no or less damage from the fall. Take the small lift up past two levels.

Staring at the ramp
3) Jump to cubby hole on the other side and grab the items. Drop down and follow the tunnel into the room with a ramp and cargo container. Jump onto the container and then jump to the ledge above the ramp. Grab the goodies. Drop down onto ramp and follow it up. The hallway will lead you to two doors. The locked control room is on your right.

Open the door in front of you
4) Open the door in front of you and within the room take the door on your right. Follow the hallway clockwise and down ramp into a room with a large hole in middle. Move forward and jump onto hallway roof in front of you. Grab items. Turn around and shoot a rail under the ramp. Go under the ramp and grab the goodies in the hole in the wall. Move into hallway and use switch to call elevator.

The walkway outside
5) Go in the elevator and throw the switch. At destination move out onto the outer walkway. Move along the walkway and open the door you find with the switch. In the room grab the control room key and then go out door on other side.

The door for the control room
6) Take the lift up and drop down to follow the tunnel, then head up ramp to control room door found on right. Open the door and throw the switch you find inside to lower the payload. Mission Objective Completed.

Second switch
7) Leave the control room and take the door on the right. Continue through the next door and go clockwise along the hallway. Go around the pit and take the elevator down on far side. Walk across the outer walkway and through the two doors. Beside the payload is a switch you must activate. After the payload has passed jump down on top of it.

Looking at a hole in floor
8) Turn towards the flat faced wall and go to left ledge and down the hole in floor. Follow the hallway and take the left branch as needed. Go through door on far side and take the elevator found down. Throw the switch in the room and the payload will lower again. At one point the payload will begin to rotate.

The rotating payload
9) Leave the room and take the walkway to the right branch. Jump onto the rotating payload. Be careful, if too steep you will slide off. Run along the payload and try and jump to the lower of the two levels. At the end of the lower of the two levels is a door, go through it. Mission Objective Completed.

Three green switches
10) Take the hallway on the right down counter clockwise and throw the 3 switches you find at bottom. Follow the walkway and go down hallway. Ride the elevator down.

Rocky hallway
11) Move forward and down the rocky hallway. After passing through hallway, when you first see rock on the right again, turn around and shoot the wall behind you. Grab the goodies. Turn around and move down till you hit a drop off.

Drop off with walkway
12) At drop off, jump for the walkway. Turn left and follow it until you find a ramp going up. Shoot the breakable wall and grab goodies inside. Follow ramp down and go right, all the way.

While on triangular ledge
13) Enter room and go through the door. Drop through the hole with hazard colors in floor. Go out door and jump to far triangular ledge. When on ledge walk along top of thin wall and jump to ledge on otherside. Throw the switch to raise a walkway below you. Drop down onto walkway and move forward.

Ledge above final ramp
14) Go through the hallway on the right. Go through the door way and up the ramps. Above the final ramp is a ledge. Jump onto this ledge.

Moving up the ledges
15) Jump up the various individual ledges to the top. Drop onto the thin hazard ledge below you and follow the ledge to the end. You will find a room and some goodies inside.

Looking down the ramp
16) From the hazard ledge, jump up on to the roof of the room you were just in. Go in the opening and follow the hallway to a room with a ramp. Mission Objective Completed.

About to slash the grate
17) Go down the ramp and push the button you find on the wall. It will stop the airflow temporarily. While the airflow is still blowing, fall down the air tunnel to right, the blowing air will slow your descent. At the bottom of the tunnel, use your sabre on the grill in the floor. Fall through. Mission Objective Completed.