Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 16: Sariss - Jedi Battleground or Yun - Battle to the Death

Light Objective: Both the Valley of the Jedi and Jan are in danger. You must defeat Sariss so you can find the Valley. The freedom of the galaxy depends on it.

Dark Objective: Yun has been sent to stop you from making it back to the Valley Tower. Correct your previous mistake and destroy him.

Reward: Two stars are awarded towards force powers on this level. You are now a Jedi Master, or a Jedi Primarch based on which path you have chosen. You gain the force power "absorb" or "destruction". You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", and your four light or dark jedi powers.

Level of Difficulty: If you are a jedi that follows the light side, you will battle Sariss, she likes that "sight of death" force power. If found it easiest to battle her near the ship, where I could run and get out of her line of site. Often I found myself using the force power of "persuasion". That of course is only available if you choose to follow the light path. Her lightsabre skills aren't that great, and she likes the figure eight swing, leaving herself open for easy attack. I found that circle strafing around here and attacking her was effective. When she hits you with the evil eye, hit her to break her concentration or run into the ship. If you are a dark jedi, you will have to battle Yun again. He has no problem with following you into the crashed ship. Best strategy would likely to enter the ship, and use force power "throw" on him a few times, combined with a power-up you picked up. He is tougher then when you first fought him.
Sariss has killed Yun, and his sabre is there for the grabbing
1) If you are a light jedi, you start the level on top of a large mesa. Yun's body is in front of you, and his sabre is lying there on the ground. My advice is to grab the sabre and get off the mesa. You are wide open for force attacks against you, find an area where you can run for cover and get out of line of sight. If you are a dark jedi, he is still alive and looking for blood. Get into the ship as quickly as possible and make him follow. Kill him using force power "throw".

The ship has crashed to the floor of the canyon, and there is an entrance
2) On the floor of the canyon, below the mesa, is what remains of the falling ship. There is an entrance where you can run inside the ship that you might find useful. I used it when I was a distance from Sariss and she used the "eye of death" force power on me. Breaking line of sight will stop the power.

The remains of the ship
3) Inside the ship, you will find an empty shell. Much smaller then the previous level was actually. Inside are a few health packs and a lot of shrapnel that can be used with force power "throw". However, it seems that Sariss doesn't want to come into the wreck and will return to the mesa top if you stay in here for an extended period of time. Yun on the otherhand is more then happy to follow you.

Sariss's rather undramatic death sequence
4) If you are a light jedi, the combination of lightsabre and force power "persuade" will make defeating Sariss much easier. If you are a dark jedi, keep moving and get down near the ship and use force power "throw".