Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 14: Maw - The Revenge

Objective: Destroy Maw or perish.

Reward: Two stars are awarded towards force powers on this level. This level will also force you to make an important decision towards the light or dark side of the force. You loose all powers associated with the other side. For instance if you choose the light side, you will loose force powers "grip" and "throw", but gain force power "blinding". If the dark side is chosen, you will loose force powers "health" and "persuasion" and gain force power "lightning bolts". There are different movie sequences based on your decision. Your rank is now disciple. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", and your three light or dark jedi powers.

Level of Difficulty: Maw wasn't too hard to defeat, just keep moving. I tried some of the force powers on him, but throw seemed to be the only one that worked well. Persuasion isn't as useful because you are on thin bridges and sometimes can't reach him.
Maw 1) Maw floats due to a lack of legs from the beginning cutscene. Much of the level consists of walkways so you can't exactly chase him around much. I found circling him was almost impossible so I would suggest the best strategy is to run in swinging and then a quick retreat.

Maw moves from area to area 2) After hurt, Maw will move to the center area and then to an arena on far side. Get used to it, once he takes off, not much you can do to chase him down other then follow the walkway.

Maw 3) On the final arena area, Maw takes little to defeat. Watch out for his spinning attack, and keep moving. You can circle him in this area.