Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 13: The Lost Planet of the Jedi

Objective: Locate the first bunker that guards the magnetic field. Find and destroy all the circuits powering the first magnetic field. Sneak past the second magnetic shield and find the main cargo lift to the base of the valley of the Jedi.

Reward: One force star is awarded at the end of this level. You also now receive the abilities of "persuasion" and "grip". You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", "health", "throw", "persuasion" and "grip". Watch your meter on the bottom to indicate your current status with regards towards light and dark. The next level, and it's ending movie sequence will be affected by your meter. If you are dark or light, you will have different movies, and will end level with different powers.

Level of Difficulty: I really like this level. There is a lot of water, and a number of very thin ledges to run across. The level is pretty linear, and the need to sneak into the area along a pipe under a bridge was a nice touch.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Drop down the ledges
1) Move out and drop down ledge by ledge and follow the steep path you find at bottom. Drop into the water. As you pass under an over cropping rock, look up and jump into the area you find. Drop back into the water, and follow the river to grate. Swim up the hole you find to your left.

Slash the panel
2) Follow the path you find up and forward, and then up again until you find a bridge. Follow it across and go through the door on your left. Follow the path up and into the computer area. Use sabre on the panel you find. Go back down the path and through the door. Go in the side room and destroy the panel you find in there. Go back to the bridge.

Yellow grate
3) Go across the bridge and up the path. Behind the left sentry gun are some items. Gather them and continue up. Go right and up the ramp. Follow along to the yellow grate. Use sabre to go through the grate. Drop down to the suspended platform below and move forward to the lift but turn right into the side room. Destroy the fuel tanks and go in the broken grate. Grab items. Jump out and head up the lift. Move forward and destroy the panel. Take the lift down and go across the suspended platform to the red door. Go through.

The fourth panel
4) Follow the path down to the bridge and continue along the path going down to the force field. To the left of the field is a room with computer equipment. Go inside and destroy the panel. The force field is now down. Mission Objective Completed.

Passing the first force field
5) Go through the field and head down the path to a pool of water. Mission Objective Completed.

Follow the path up
6) Jump into the pool of water and swim down and over the left edge. Follow the channel and take the first right you find and head to the surface. On land follow the path up the slope and to the right. Drop down onto the sloped wall on your left.

Jump into the pool
7) Run up the sloped wall and jump into the cubby hole you find on the left side. Follow back down the slope and jump to the ledge on the left. Follow it forward to some water. Drop into the water and swim against the current. Before the water fall, under water about halfway is a tunnel on the right. Take the tunnel up to an area with some items. Gather the stuff and get back into the water.

A steep path
8) Follow the current to the end. Near the end on the right is a tunnel underwater, take it. Swim into the pool and to the far end. Up in the wall is a large cave. Jump up into the cave and grab the items. Drop back into the water and swim to the far right. Get onto the steep path and go up to the top.

Looking out the window
9) Run past the pillars and crates to the room on the far side with a window. Jump onto the window ledge and use the railgun or concussion rifle to destroy the ATST below on the bridge. Leave the room and take the lift down. Jump onto the crates and then on top of the double crate. Grab the items you find.

Drop down the ledges
10) Drop down and send the lift back up. Jump off before you go back up yourself. Drop to area that was underneath the lift and use the sabre on both grates. Follow the tunnel and run across the pipe to the far side. Keep moving forward ignoring the left offshoot. Slash the grate you find and jump up.

Drop down the ledges
11) Run out to the center area and run towards where the force field was. Go in the doorway to the left and up the ramp. Throw the switch inside to raise the door across the courtyard. Run across the courtyard and into the door before it closes. Mission Objective Completed

Final elevator
12) Call the lift and take it up to the top. Run into the area on the left to open the closed door. Use the switch and run back out and get onto the elevator. Mission Objective Completed