Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 12: Escape With the Map

Objective: Enter the main cargo hold. Inside, you can jump from the magnetically-suspended cargo into the control room. Manipulate the catwalks around the exhaust venting port to work your way topside. Return to the main deck and look for the Crow.

Reward: Three stars towards force powers. Your rank is now Charge. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", "healing", and "throw".

Level of Difficulty: Not to difficult a level. The red lighting was nicely used to signify the core and what not.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
The sloped doors 1) Face the shuttle and open the sloped door on the right. Go in and turn to the right. Open the the triangular doors and go through. Pass the two large crates and open the set of triangular doors on the far side. Pass two more crates and you will observe that the room is in a u shape. At the far end, at the center of the curve is a door. Open the door and go through.
Heading behind the crates 2) Turn left and go through 2 doors. Follow the ramp down and go through another two doors. Go across the room and through the door and down the lift to the bottom. Walk to the left of the crate in front of you and pass along the space between wall and crate. Grab everything you find there.
Throw the switch to turn off the force field 3) Head back out to the main area of the room, and proceed to the conveyer belt on the floor. Throw the switch to the right of the force field and use force power "jump" to get up onto a passing grate. Mission Objective Complete.
The first cubby hole 4) When the conveyer belt begins to change direction for the second time, you should see a cubby hole in front of you. Jump into it and grab the goodies. Drop back down onto a passing crate. Face the same wall the cubby hole is in, and when you pass in between the crates suspended above you, you will see another cubby hole up in the wall. It is about the midpoint of the wall.. Use force power "jump" to get up there. Grab the items and drop down onto a crate.
The grey floor leading to the lift 5) Drop from the crate to the conveyer belt. Run against the conveyer belt back to the entrance. A little before the entrance to your left is a grey strip of floor. Run on to it and follow it to a lift. Take the lift up a level. Move forward and to the left between the wall and crate. Use your sabre on the damaged portion of the crate and jump inside. Grab the stuff and get out.
The door to the control room 6) Leave the crate and head towards the lift, but turn left and walk to the edge. Drop down to the crate suspended below. Move to the edge of the crate and turn right. Jump to the ledge above you and go through the door you find into the control room. Grab the blue key and go through the door on the far side.
The door to the red circular lift 7) Drop down to the suspended crate below you. Turn right and jump to the ledge you find. Go in the door on your right and take the red circular lift up. Kill the officer to get the yellow key and take the yellow lift up two stops. Grab the green key.
Use panel to move the walkway 8) Move forward and take the blue lift down one stop. Grab the red key. Take the blue lift up a stop, and the yellow lift down one stop. Use the panel beside the door to move the platform to the front of the door. Go through two yellow doors. Move to the red door and use the panel to move the walkway. Go through the two red doors. Ride the red lift up one stop and use the panel to move walkway. Go through two blue doors and then use the panel to move the walkway again. Go through two green doors. Mission Objective Completed.
Run up sloped floor 9) Ride the lift up and move forward up the ramp. Go through the red light and up the ramp and down the next to the other side. Follow the ramp down and cross the walkway you find to the far side. Go through the door. Mission Objective Completed.
Head for the door 10) Walk up the sloped floor and walk around the top till you find a door. Cross over and go through the door. Drop down to the level below and go through the door at the bottom. Run out to meet the Crow. Mission Objective Completed.