Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 11: The Brother's of the Sith

Objective: Defeat the deadly Gorc and Pic. Retrieve 8t88's head, stored inside is the map to the Valley of the Jedi.

Reward: No stars are awarded towards force powers on this level. However, you do receive the ability to use force powers "health" and "throw" once the two are defeated. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", "health", and "throw". Watch your meter on the bottom to indicate your current status with regards towards light and dark.

Level of Difficulty: I found that the larger one was much easier to defeat then the smaller one.
The Brothers 1) You begin the fight facing both brothers. First thing you want to do is separate them. Get out of the area you start in and jump to the far boxes. The large one should follow. Try not to get too far from him or he will use force power "grip" on you.

The big one 2) With the big guy, literally run up to and keep running at the large one swinging your light sabre and you will defeat him with minimal damage. He will push you away a few times, but other then that he isn't too tough.

The small one 3) The small one is much more difficult to defeat. He likes to use force power "persuasion". Just use force power "seeing" to counter that and chase him around. Use low short swings, moving side to side. Don't leave yourself open or he will counter attack almost every time.

Alternatively, I have been told by Ted Youmans that after defeating Gorc, the big one, he jumped back into where 8t88 was. Pic lost track of him and started pacing back and forth. Out of desperation, Ted started shooting Pic with the repeater and it worked after only about 20 times. So if you are having difficulty hitting or defeating Pic, this might be a worthwhile strategy.

Nothing to loose your head over 4) After the two brothers are defeated, your second mission objective is to get 8t88's head. Jump along the side of the wall where everything is orange, you will be pushed up and onto the boxes. Jump from the boxes into the room where 8t88's body is. That will be enough to trigger the second mission objective.