Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 10: 8t88's Reward

Objective: Open the topside cargo doors and jump into the ship. Shut down the venting fan and follow the main duct to the reactor core. Interrupt the reactor flow and take the lower vents into the shuttle bay.

Reward: Three stars towards force powers. Your rank is now Journeyman. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull" and "seeing".

Level of Difficulty: Not a terribly difficult level. No huge bottomless pits, just a combination of timed jumps to reach certain areas.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Chamber with cargo door 1) Move forward into the chamber with the cargo door. Turn right and head for door on far right.
Open the cargo doors 2) Go in the door, and head to area behind the stairs, grabbing the items. Now head up the stairs and throw the switch in front of the window to open the cargo doors. Mission Objective Completed.
Bottom of room with crates 3) Go back down the stairs and outside. Jump down into the cargo bay area. Open side doors with sabre, and follow either door that you discover from the side areas. Get to the bottom of the room you find that has crates and out the door available.
go through the v-shaped doors 4) Take the top walkway and go through the v-shaped doors. Drop to the bottom of the room you find and go through the other set of v-shaped doors at the far end. The other two doors in the room are locked.
area with cargo containers 5) Take one of the elevators down, and drop into the area with the cargo containers. Use force "jump" to get onto the colored crate under the lowered triangular ceiling. Jump into the hole you see above you and then go back to area with elevators and go back up to top.
Control room 6) Open the door to your right and then the next, entering the control room. Grab the red key and head back the way you came to the area with elevators. Go back through the v-shaped doors and open the two locked doors with the key. Grab the items and then go back to the control room.
Door on lowest ledge 7) Head out the doors onto the walkway. Drop down until you can jump from a walkway to the lowest ledge. Take the left-hand side and go through the door.
Head down the hallways 8) Head into the computer room with the R2 unit. Throw the switch on the right side of the ramp to turn off the lower force field and go into the room with the C3P0 droid unit. Get the blue key and throw the switch on right side of ramp to turn off the force field up above. Run up the ramps to the top and go through the door in front of you. Head down the hallways and open doors until you arrive at the lift going down.
Red boxes on side of fan 9) Go down the lift and head under the fan unit. Jump onto the sloped trim and keep following the trim, jumping up when you can until you are on the edge of the trim on the side of the fan unit. Destroy the red boxes on either side of the fan unit to shut off the fan. When on the left of the fan, continue walking along the trim into the alcove at the far end. Move to the front of the fan and jump through. Mission Objective Completed.
Entrance to the core 10) Move into the ducts and take the one to your right going down at about 45 degrees. Follow it up and past the entrance to the core, going down 45 degrees again and then up. Go into the two offshooting ducts with items in them and grab the goodies. Go back to the core entrance and go through.
Use sabre on grill in core 11) Travel around the edges of the core and open the blue door. Take the elevator up and throw the switches in front of window until the core is off. (Red light will shut off) Go down the elevator and slide into the core. Open the grill along the wall with your lightsabre.
Ride lower vents to end 12) Enter the vent and push towards the left so you can enter the offshoot vent on your left. Walk forward, up the stairs and open grill above you, entering area. Grab the goodies and go back down into the lower vent, riding it to the end.
Find shuttle 13) Jump out of the vents to discover 8t88's shuttle in front of you. Run to far side and throw the switch to open the door. Mission Objective Completed.