Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 1: Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa

Objective: Find 8t88 before he escapes with your father's data disc.

Reward: One star towards force powers. Can't be assigned yet, you are uninitiated.

Level of Difficulty: Fairly simple level, difficult to get lost in this one, it is completely linear, giving only one real path to the finish. i.e. 8t88 isn't all that difficult to find.
Note: The following walkthrough is a straight path to finish the level. There are parts of the level that are not explored by following this walkthrough.
Moving through the bar 1) Move forward and through the hallway. Emerge in the bar proper and leave via the door on the far side. Head forward and go around the corner on the right heading down the ramp.
Pass under fan 2) Pass under the fan and continue to left. Move foward and when it is possible drop onto lower area to your right. Move alone the wall and jump onto the angled wall and move up onto the roof. Drop down the hole you find and move forward past the fan. Take the elevator up and grab the goodies you find up there. Slide down the wall and follow passage under the fan again until you reach a door.
Door to open 3) Open the door with the switch and travel along the hallway to room with large drop.
Room with drop 4) Move forward around the drop to far side. Move into area on right and ride elevator up. Run across the walkway the through area to next walkway.
Looking up the ramp 5) Go across the walkway and through the doorway. Pass some crates on your right and move through room and up a ramp. Go forward under the fan and through the next door way. Cross the walkway and peer over the edge. You will see a ledge. Drop to the ledge and grab the items. Take the elevator up and then drop through fan. Open door and cross walkway. Keep moving.
Getting on the escalator 6) Move around the corner to the switch on left of the long pathway. Call the one step escalator (cargo lift). As it travels up, drop into side passage on right when you can. Grab the items and drop down through the hole. Call cargo lift again and ride it up to the top.
Second escalator 7) Go into the side room with the red light and call the second cargo lift using the button. Go outside again and ride this cargo lift to the top.
Hit switch in room 8) Run forward, around the drop off and into the door. Follow the walkway and take first door on right. Hit switch in room and turn around. Go through exit on left.
Switch for lift 9) Move forward and drop into the hole. Throw switch to lower second lift. When it is in lowerd position, throw switch again and jump on to ride up. At the top, jump to the ledge.
Crossing a walkway 10) Follow the ledge to a door and open the door. Follow hallway to the left and move across the walkway. On other side, turn to left and run across the overhangs to the far end. Grab the goodies and run back across the overhangs to the ledge. Go through the door way.
Trench 11) Run across walkway to far side and open the door. Move forward and down through the trench and up other side. Drop into the pit you find on the far right.
The closing doors 12) Follow the ramp up to a switch and throw it. Run back down the ramp and jump out before you are sealed in. The switch is causing the doors in center of floor to slide to sides, covering the pit you are in. In the middle you will find the doors have revealed a ramp.
Within the crates 13) Walk onto the thin wall on side of ramp with the widest space. Run so that you will land on top of the crate stack below you. Jump up and run across to hole on far side of crates. Drop into the hole and gather goodies. On far side is a hole you can use to drop out of crate stack.
Couple fans 14) Move forward and to the right around the stack of crates. Go up the slope and in the opening at the top. Drop through the fans in the floor and open the larger of the two doors. Mission Objective Completed