Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Below are the 10 different weapons or attacks you have in the game. You will start each level with the minimum of your fists, bryar pistol and 50 ammo for it.
Good old fashion fists Fists
To the left is your last resort. They use no ammo, have a limited range and can't be pulled from your body. At least not yet that is. Your fists are by default the number 1 key and inflict a minimal amount of damage. You will punch with either the primary or secondary fire button. The manual and Lucas Arts Web page are wrong when they say that the secondary fire button will allow you to kick. This seems to be a feature that was dropped at the last minute.
(no ammo, damage 20)
Modified Bryar Rifle Bryar Pistol
The bryar pistol is in fact a cutoff rifle that was modified by Kyle. It is more accurate then the stormtrooper rifle, but has a slower firing rate. Of course with this slower firing rate, the bryar pistol uses less ammunition then the stormtrooper rifle. By default it is assigned to the number 2 key. The weapon only has one type of fire.
(one energy unit per fire, damage 10-30, autoaim range 50m, fire wait 0.5s, fire delay 0.6s)
Stormtrooper Rifle Stormtrooper Rifle
The standard issue stormtrooper rifle will be assigned to your number 3 key. The rifle fires very fast and can quickly mow down your opponents if they are in front of you. However the rifle is almost useless as a distance weapon. The weapon has only one type of fire.
(two energy units per fire, damage 10-30, respawn 30s, autoaim range 5m, fire wait 0.2s)
Thermal Detonator Thermal Detonator
The detonator has two modes of detonation. The primary fire will throw the grenade to explode on impact. The secondary mode will throw the grenade with a 3 second delay. In both cases if you hold the fire button down for a longer period of time you will throw the grenade further. Unfortunately there is no real way to tell how far you will throw it other then experience. This weapon can be selected from your number 4 key.
(no ammo, damage 75, respawn 30s, autoaim range 5m)
Modified Bryar Rifle Bowcaster
The bowcaster resembles a crossbow and is bound to your number 5 key. The weapon has two firing modes. The first mode will fire a single bolt. However if you hold the fire button down, the weapon will charge up and fire up to 5 bolts at one time. This can be especially effective at close range. The second mode will fire a single bolt that will bounce off the first surface it hits. Whether the surface is a wall or floor. Effective for shooting around corners at opponents.
(One power cell per bolt, damage 20-60, respawn 30s, autoaim range 10m, fire wait 0.6s, hold 0.6s for 3 bolts, 1.2s for 5 bolts)
Imperial Repeater Rifle Imperial Repeater Rifle
The repeater rifle is an effective weapon against jedi. The rapid firing power cells are difficult to block. The weapon is bound to your number 6 key and has two modes of fire. The first mode has a rapid single shots with a tracer round every 10 rounds. The secondary mode of fire will fire a triple burst spread at a slower rate. This triple burst is impossible to block. Two of the three cells will always get through.
(one power cell per round, damage 5-20 (range), respawn 30s, autoaim range 5m, fire wait 0.1s, fire wait 0.3s for mode 2)
Rail Detonator Rail Detonator
This missle launcher like device is bound to your number 7 key. The weapon has two detonation modes. The primary mode will detonate on impact. The secondary mode will detonate after a three second delay and will attach to any surface or person. There is no way to remove a rail charge that is stuck to you from the secondary mode.
(one rail charge per fire, damage 110, respawn 60s, autoaim range 25m, fire wait 1.0s, 10s delay for mode2)
Sequencer Charge Sequencer Charge
The sequencer is a form of land mine. It is bound to your number 8 key and has two timing modes. The primary mode will detonate with about a two second delay. The secondary mode will detonate when someone approaches it. This weapon is best used in tight corners where the enemy has no where to go to avoid the blast. The charge will attach to any surface.
(no ammo, damage 100, respawn 30, fire wait 0.8 sec, explode on own after 60s)
Concussion Rifle Concussion Rifle
The concussion rifle is the ultimate area effect weapon. It is bound to your number 9 key and has two firing methods. The first method will fire an explosive projectile with a four meter radius at your opponent. Not a good thing if you are too close. The secondary fire mode will shoot much like a shotgun and is safe at close range.
(eight cells per fire/ four cells per fire, for each mode respectively, damage 80/20, respawn 60s, autoaim range 50m, max range 30m?, fire wait 1.2s)
Lightsabre Lightsabre
The light sabre is the jedi's ultimate weapon. It has three modes of use. If you keep the sabre centered on an opponent using a laser type weapon or sabre, you will block and can send laser fire back at target. With the primary mode and a direction of movement, you can make various quick swings at your opponent. Each direction will produce a different swing. With the secondary mode, you will do a double figure eight swing regardless of the direction you are moving. When swinging the sabre you can not block. The sabre is selected with the number 0 key.
(no ammo, damage 40, 50, 60, 160 depending on type of slash)