Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Using Patches
Jediknight is a highly customizable game, and it is possible for people to change how the game behaves. New levels to roam in can be created, new skins to change the appearence of players, new weapons can be designed, and new force powers can be introduced. However it isn't easily apparent how to use these patches if you are new to the game, or new to using patches in general I suppose. After you have gotten the patch of which most are in the files section of my host, you can install the patch.

Patches come in two formats. The first format, which is best, is with all the files compiled into a single .gob file that you can copy to a directory to install. The second method which most of the first patches used was to give a number of files and give instructions on where to put them. This format is not good and will only cause programs, I urge you to avoid using these patches.

Level Patches

Level patches are the easiest to install. You can do it in one of two ways, simple copy the .gob file into your jediknight/episodes directory and select the level after starting the game, or you can create a directory in the main jediknight directory on your computer. When your have finished copying the file, create a batch file as detailed below and run the game. If level patches are in separate .gob files, you can't use the patches together in one game. You can't cycle from maps in one .gob file to another map in another .gob file when the server is running. You can however start a new server with a different level patch without restarting Jediknight altogether.

Gameplay Patches

What I term gameplay patches can consist of modified skins, sabres, weapons, new force powers, etc. In most cases it isn't always good practice to put a number of patches in the same directory. Patches often share similar files, and if there are multiple copies of the file in the directory you have put the patches in, only the first file found will be loaded. This means key information for some patches won't be there and they will not function and may even cause jediknight to crash when you try to run it. If you are positive no files are shared between two patches, then you can put them in the same directory and run them together without any problems.

Patch Installation

Once you have downloaded the patch, and unzipped the program, it is necessary to copy the files into a location where jedi knight can find them. To do this we create a directory in the same location as we installed the program.

1) To create a new directory or folder if you prefer, open microsoft explorer.
2) Find the directory where you installed JediKnight, by default this is c:\program files\lucasarts\Jedi Knight
3) Create a new directory or folder in the jedi knight directory (c:\jedi for the remainder of page) and give it a useful name. Note some patches already have a folder created with the gob files in it, you can copy that file into your jedi knight directory instead of creating a new one. To create the directory, select the Menu -- File -- New -- Folder, when you have the jedi knight directory highlighted in the directory tree window.
4) Copy the gob files from your patch into the directory you created.

The next step is to create a batch file to use to run jedi knight with the patch

Creating a Batch File

Batch files use the extension .bat, and they are used when you want to execute a program. Various programs have additional commands you can use to do different functions when starting the application. In the case of jedi knight, it is necessary to tell the program where to find the patch directory we created above. Open notepad, a text editor that came with windows, and write the following line.

jk.exe -path

However change with the directory you created. For instance if my directory was called Trail, then I would type the following in notepad:

jk.exe -path Trail

Now select from the Menu -- File -- SaveAs and give it a useful name like Trail.bat, the .bat extension is important as it tells windows how to behave when you execute the file. Close notepad and open explorer to your jediknight directory. Double click on the .bat file you created and jediknight will run and include the patch in the path you indicated. If you get an error while running the patch and have followed the directions above, contact the patches author and explain your problem so that they can help.

Here is a sample bat file that is the same as above that you can edit if you wish.