Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Types of Games
At this time, Jedi Knight only has three modes of play for multiplayer games. Lucas Arts promises to add a new one with their upcoming addon pack. The existing modes are Jedi Training, Jedi Training Teams, and Capture the Flag.

Jedi Training

Jedi Training is simply another word for deathmatch, for people who have played other first person games. The game places you on a level against other jedi, all trying to kill one another. Scoring is based on kills and the game keeps track of the number of self kills, removing one kill for each self kill in the scoring table. This is the most common type of game played, allowing as few as 2 players to go head to head, or several players to battle amongst theirselves. Games have a specific Jedi Rank that your character can not exceed, and may or may not cycle through different levels as a time limit or kill limit is reached. If the game is using a user created level, then it is necessary to download and install the level before joining the game.

Jedi Training with Teamplay

Teamplay adds to the excitement of the multiplayer game. Players join up to four different teams in the game, and scores are monitored. There are two scoreboards in the team game, one displays individual kills, the other displays team kills. Killing a team member has the same effect as a self kill. To join a team, use the team command in the console. To access the console, hit the t key followed by the tab key after joining the game. At the command prompt type team # . Replace the # with a number between 1 and 4. The team colors in numberic order are 1. red, 2. yellow, 3. blue, 4. green.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag or CTF for short is a team oriented game type. Two teams exist, each with a flag or in this case a floating marker. The goal is to protect your marker, and get your enemies marker. Points are scored if the enemies marker makes contact with your marker while your marker is in your base. You recieve points for killing an enemy that has your marker and for returning your marker to your base. You return your marker by touching it. You pickup your opponents marker by touching it.