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Greetings. You have entered a site in development. This site is dedicated to assisting you in completing Lucas Art's new game, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II™. My goal is to help you progress through the game when you are struggling, maximize your force powers as quickly as possible, and generally help you have as good a gaming experience as possible.

The focus of this site has been expanded now that all walkthroughs and secrets are done. Sections discussing both general aspects of the game, and multiplayer aspects are being added. The navigation side bar has been added to the left, but some links don't function yet. The site will feature three key sections:
Button Discussion of General Jedi Knight Features
Button Assistance for Single Player Missions
Button Analysis and Discussion of Multiplayer Games

Current News

This site will no longer be updated. Too much time has passed, and my interest in finishing the Mysteries of the Sith walkthroughs has dimished. After over 200 hours in time spent doing this site and playing the game, I am tired of it. But I don't regret it. I imagine many have already come to the conclusion that this site wasn't going to be finished, and I'm sorry but such is life. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find the information contained within still useful.

Over I find the site was a success considering it's limited focus on the title. It didn't give daily news, it didn't offer new modes of play, or anything like that. It taught how to play the game, and I'd like to think it did that well. Maybe the site was a little bandwidth/graphic intensive, but it seems to have been a success.
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