Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

"Since the destruction of the second DEATH STAR, the Rebel Alliance has begun the difficult process of building the New Republic.

Seizing the opportunity for control of the galaxy, new rival armies arise. The most dangerous of these are the DARK JEDI. Their leader JEREC, seeks the legendary VALLEY OF THE JEDI.

Within this lost battleground he will find untold power to destroy peace and justice in the galaxy...."

Jedi Knight Introduction Sequence

Jerec, a Dark Jedi, is seeking what was once thought to be legend. The mystical Valley of the Jedi. Not only does the Valley exist, but your father, Morgan Katarn, was the last of the caretakers of the Valley.

After your father is viciously murdered, you as Kyle Katarn, are seeking his murderers to avenge his death. The opening sequence begins, as you barter for information with a droid called 8t88. However 8t88 has sold you out and is leaving with your father's data disk that holds the only clues you may have to the reasons for your father's murder. You must fight free from 8t88's minions and follow the droid as he moves from planet to planet. In the process, you will discover that you are in fact a latent Jedi, much like Luke Skywalker. It seems the force is strong in your family.

Upon retrieving your father's datadisk, you discover that if you wish to find the location of the valley of the Jedi, you will have to corner and barter with 8t88. Your training as a Jedi begins at your fathers home. Teaching yourself by following the journals of Qu Rahn, a deceased Jedi Master, you will progress as a jedi. However, without a physical teacher, you yourself will make the decisions as to the path you decide to follow. Following the easy and tyrannical path will lead to the dark path. Following the righteous straight and narrow path will lead to the light path. As the game continues, you must battle and defeat seven dark Jedi, to either protect the Valley or claim it as your own.

Due to the duality of the story line, there are two possible endings to the story, and a few different movie sequences depending on whether you complete the game as a Dark Jedi or a Light Jedi.