Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Force stars are awarded in two ways. You will receive two force stars when you raise a level in jedi power. You will receive one force star when you find all the secrets on a level. Some levels don't have any secrets.

Levels involving Dark Jedis are just brushed on in the secrets section. For a slightly more indepth discussion on tactics,etc. Check out the appropriate walkthrough for the level.

Here are the links to the Levels:

(Star's represent maximum number of force stars per level. The total number for the game is 31.)
Mysteries of the Sith
Button Level 1: New Republic Base on Altyr 5 Star Star Star
Button Level 2: Asteroid Crust Star Star Star
Button Level 3: Asteroid Core Star Star Star
Button Level 4: Self-Destruct & Escape
Button Level 5: Ka' pa the Hutt's Palace Star Star Star
Jedi Knight
Button Level 1: Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa (Text) Star
Button Level 2: The Lost Disk (Text)Star
Button Level 3: The Return Home to Sulon (Text) Star
Button Level 4: The Jedi's Lightsabre (Text) StarStarStar
Button Level 5: Barons Hed - The Fallen City (Text) Star
Button Level 6: Into the Dark Palace (Text) StarStarStar
Button Level 7: Yun - The Dark Youth (Text)
Button Level 8: Palace Escape (Text) StarStarStar
Button Level 9: Fuel Station Launch (Demo Level) (Text) Star
Button Level 10: 8t88's Reward (Text) StarStarStar
Button Level 11: The Brother's of the Sith (Text)
Button Level 12: Escape With the Map (Text) StarStarStar
Button Level 13: The Lost Planet of the Jedi (Text) Star
Button Level 14: Maw - The Revenge (Text) StarStar
Button Level 15: The Falling Ship or Into the Dark Side (Text) Star
Button Level 16: Sariss - Jedi Battleground or Yun - Battle to the Death (Text) StarStar
Button Level 17: The Valley Tower Ascent (Text) Star
Button Level 18: Descent Into the Valley (Text) StarStarStar
Button Level 19: The Valley of the Jedi (Text) Star
Button Level 20: Boc - The Crude or Boc - A Nuisance (Text)
Button Level 21: Jerec - The Force Within or Jerec - A Battle for Power (Text)
Here are all the secrets in a text format that was sent to me by Zarth, he includes solutions to some common problem areas in a couple of levels. Note: This text is unedited and any mistakes, omission, etc. are entirely on the part of the author, Zarth. I will not be editing this document and only provide it as an alternative source. Maybe his description is clearer, maybe it isn't.