Trail's Guide to Jedi Knight

Level 9: Fuel Station Launch (Demo Level)

Objective: The cargo ship is about to debark for the Valley of the Jedi with 8t88 on board. Get off the roof tops and into the fueling station. Once inside, drain the primary fuel tank and pass through it. The shortest route to the refueling gantry is through the fuel pipes themselves. Shut down the fuel flow to empty out the pipes. Sneak through the fuel pipes to the reservoir under the cargo ship. Find a way up to the fueling gantry and sneak onto the cargo ship before it takes off.

Reward: One star towards force powers. You now gain the force power "seeing". You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull" and "seeing".

Level of Difficulty: Not all that difficult a level. It is rather linear and straight forward once the center tank is drained and wrench found to open the door. Most secrets are easily found and you will likely only need a few of these.
1) After you have ducked under a pipe on your way to locked door, you can move over to a ledge that leads to a hallway. This hallway will lead to secret area 1.
2) On top of the first bunker you can enter is secret area 2. Use force power "jump" to get to the area.
3) After you have descended the elevator within the first bunker, you can see a cubby hole and secret area 3 just above the elevator entrance.
4) When you get near the door on the middle level in the area where you grab the wrench. You will find a cubby hole and secret area 4 just to the left of the door.
5) After the second objective is completed, you will reach an elevator. Ride the elevator after it descends to the top, and you will enter secret area 5.
6) Within secret area 5, you can find secret area 6 behind some barrels. As far as I can tell, this area can only be reached if the barrels are destroyed.
7) Directly above secret 6 is secret area 7. It can be reached without destroying the barrels.
8) After running across some pipes towards some sentry guns, you will find a breakable wall on the left of the area.
9) If you travel to the right of secret area 8 and jump to the pipe on the right, you will approach secret area 9. It is on the far right hand corner of the pipe.
10) Immediately after falling through the cap in the reservoir, you will be in the remainder of the pipe. If you look to your left, you will see a dark cubby hole and secret area 10.