Trail's Guide to Jedi Knight

Level 7: Yun - The Dark Youth

Objective: Exercise the force and defeat Yun. This is a test of a true Jedi.

Reward: No star is awarded on this level. You do receive the ability to use force power "pull" once Yun is defeated. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", and "pull".

Level of Difficulty: Yun isn't that hard to defeat, just keep moving. I tried for the hell of it to kill him with conventional weapons. He makes the motions of getting hurt, but doesn't seem to take damage. You will have to kill him with the lightsabre. Chung tested this for me and found it took over a 100 rail charges to do the trick. Clearly the sabre is easier.

There are no secrets for this level.