Trail's Guide to Jedi Knight

Level 6: Into the Dark Palace

Objective: Find a route through the ruins to the palace tower. Gain entry to the tower via the upper plaza deck. Locate the primary bulkhead doors protecting the main entrance. Find a way into the control room above the inner door. Once inner door is open, fight your way past the guards in the main ante chamber. Find passage to the top of the palace.

Reward: Three stars towards force powers. Your rank is now learner, and "jump" is now an available force power. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed" and "jump".

Level of Difficulty: If your goal in this map is to destroy everything, it will be a long night. The Walker's take a lot to kill them. If you blow up barrels near them, some will be destroyed, otherwise only the lightsabre or railgun seems to damage them. This secret was difficult for me to find. It isn't all that difficult, but I missed it and would like to thanks Steven Carstensen (no e-mail given) for giving me the location of the secret.
1) Within the level, there is a section where you will have to go underwater to continue. At the start of the water, you will be on a staircase. If you follow the staircase down a level, you will find a room on your right with some items. Look up to the left of the door and you will see the hole that leads up to secret area 1.