Trail's Guide to Jedi Knight

Level 4: The Jedi's Lightsabre

Objective: Use the aqueducts and irrigation channels behind the house to make your way to the water purification plant. Raise the water level inside the purification plant so you can proceed to the river dam. Find passage to river dam. Beyond the dam is your rendezvous point with Jan. Once there, you'll be paying 8t88 a visit, in the city of Baron's Hed.

Reward: Three stars towards force powers. You are now initiated, but can only assign stars to force power "speed". If you desire, you can assign up to four of your six force stars.

Level of Difficulty: By far the most difficult level so far. Not as linear as previous levels, there is still only one path, but multiple roads to get there. At least one secret can only be found easily if you take a specific path, you will avoid it otherwise. Secrets are easy to find if you take correct path.
1) When you drop into the irrigation channel behind your house, if you swim against the current, you will come to a breakable grate and area 1.
2) After you are dropped into the underground aqueduct, you will be in some pipes with a three section platform above the water level. If you take the left offshoot, it is possible to jump into a pipe opening. The Pipe leads to area 2. Be careful of the drop though.
3) Later in some underground suspended irrigation channels, it is possible to drop down levels. In fact you must do it once to continue moving through the level. If you drop down a second time, as you exit the bottom area, you will be rewarded a secret.
4) After exiting secret area 3, if you move forward, you will automatically enter secret area 4. This area can also be accessed by running across the edges of a few aqueducts and across a pipe that feeds the two. This would be the route if you didn't fall down a second time as detailed in secret 3.
5) Secret area 5 is located just outside the purification plant, on a support for the irrigation channel. If you jump onto the support and move to the far end, you will see a ramp leading down to area 5.
6) Located in a channel not long after heading away from the dam is secret area six. It can be reached via an offshoot tunnel underwater off the channel. Keep your eyes peeled.