Trail's Guide to Jedi Knight

Level 3: The Return Home to Sulon

Objective: Find your way into your father's home to look for Weegee, the family droid. Go through house, around back and through your father's natural power generator. Watch your step near the pools of battery acid. Locate your father's workshop.

Reward: One star towards force powers. You are uninitiated, but now can assign stars to force power "speed". If you desire, you can assign all three accumulated force stars.

Level of Difficulty: Extremely linear level. You really don't have much of a choice in what direction to go. Objects are well hidden or at least take time to find, i.e. key. The secrets are different then previous levels. Some are behind breakable walls, one is behind a sliding wall.
1) Located behind your start location, the first secret is fairly easy to find.
2) The second secret area is located to the left of the home. It is a breakable wall that is again easily identified by the breakable texture.
3) After dropping down to the lower level, the third secret area is found near a flight of stairs going up. It is a breakable wall on the right hand side.
4) On the lefthand side of the left hallway in the garden with the locked door, the fourth secret area is a breakable wall near a cave in.
5) The fifth secret area is found not long after the locked door is opened with a key. It is the second of two cubbyholes. To expose the secret area, shoot the back wall of the cubby hole, and the wall will slide to the side.
6) The sixth secret area is found in the hallway leading from the water entrance near the waterfall. Use your lantern to find the cubby hole easily.
7) The seventh secret area is located within the acid. It is almost directly beneath the entrance to the room.
8) Located in the tunnel on the opposite side of the acid bath, within the cave leading to the workshop. This area is best found with the lantern on. It is roughly in the center of the tunnel, on the right.