Trail's Guide to Jedi Knight

Level 19: The Valley of the Jedi

Objective: Make your way to the excavation below the imperial super structure. Manipulate the ancient doors to open a passage to the imperial troops guarding the valley core. Find an alternate passage to the Valley of the Jedi entrance. Fight your way through the blast doors to the Valley of the Jedi burial chamber.

Reward: One star is awarded towards force powers on this level. You have received all available force stars. Assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", and your four light or dark force powers.

Level of Difficulty: I admit I got stuck on this one for a little while. The door/counterweight solution took me a little while to notice. After that, smooth sailing to the final two battles. The secrets are not to hard to get too, though I was getting tired of breakable walls by the end.

1) After taking first elevator, you will find an area with a black box and a ledge above. Secret area 1 is on the ledge.

2) On top of a large box in the bottom floor, you will find a pathway that leads outside and to secret area 2. Note: You may find it easier to go outside through the window, and use force "jump" to get to this secret area.

3) From on top of the box described in secret 2, you will see a high window. The ledge of this window is secret area 3. Again, it is easier to access the ledge from outside.

4) Outside and above secret area 2 is a ledge in the rock. This is difficult to see in the dark, but trust me it is there. Jump up and into secret area 4.

5) If you slash open the grate on top of the box detailed in secret 2, you will drop down. If you take the elevator provided down, and then send it back up. You will find secret area 5 beneath.

6) A little while after passing the tip of the drill, you will travel through hallways that essentially circle clockwise. When you reach a hallway that jets to the left, on your right you will find a breakable wall and secret area 6 behind it.

7) You will reach a room within the ruins that has a grey ramp in it, there is a breakable wall near the base of the ramp. Behind it is secret area 8.

8) When you have the chance to run across the counterweight for door number two, do so. On the far side is a breakable wall and secret area 8.