Trail's Guide to Jedi Knight

Level 17: The Valley Tower Ascent

Objective: Activate the internal cargo conveying system. It should help you reach the outer perimeter of the valley. Exhaust from imperial mining operations is discharged from several openings in the mountain. Find a vent near the main exhaust port. Suspend the air flow from the main exhaust port long enough to break into the exhaust monitoring station. Find a way into the maintenance room high above the exhaust monitoring station. There an elevator will take you to the main superstructure.

Reward: One star is awarded towards force powers on this level. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", and your four light or dark force powers.

Level of Difficulty: This is long. Very long to finish for me. Too many wind tunnels for my liking, and hence a lot of areas with precarious footing. Most of the secrets weren't too difficult to find on this one. All are more or less hidden on you, and are not behind all these breakable walls.

1) After taking the first elevator up, you will come across a room with two large fuel tanks. Destroy them to find a blocked hallway and secret area 1.

2) Within the room with the bizarre lime green light, you will find ledges along the walls. If you jump from ledge to ledge in this low gravity room, you will reach secret area 2 at top. Alternatively if the boxes are rising in the room because you have accomplished first objective, then you can ride them up and jump onto the top ledge.

3) When you reach a wind tunnel that pushes you off a catwalk into a rather large canyon, you are near secret area 3. If you time yourself and use force power "speed", you can run to the back of the tunnel and into secret area 3. The image is a taken from within the tunnel looking back outside.

4) Once you have left secret area 3 and have taken an elevator up, you will find a room to your right that contains a number of fuel tanks. Beneath the fuel tanks is secret area 4.

5) Once you have completed all but the last objective and you find the wind tunnel that will raise you up to the monitoring station, you have the opportunity to move sideways into the grooves of a wide pipe section. On one side of this pipe is a hole that leads to secret area 5.

6) Located directly across from secret area 5 you will find another hole and secret area 6.