Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

MotS Level 5: Ka'Pa the Hutt's Palace
Objective: Find an alternate entrance into the palace. Convince the droid eye to open the palace gate. Locate the master guard key. Break into Ka' pa's main audience chamber.
Reward: Three force stars.
Level of Difficulty: This can be a difficult level for some. The path is sometimes well hidden, and there are a few tricky spots.
Note: The screen shots are included with a description of roughly where each is in the game. The shots are in the likely order that would be encountered in the game.
Secret #2 1) Locate among the area with many ledges, secret 1 is below where you emerge into the area. Drop forward to the ledge in front of you and then just down to the ledge below and to the left. This is secret 1.
Secret #2 2) Located at the top of a court yard behind a closed door. Secret 2 is an area behind some shelves. You can get in by crawling under one fo the shelves.
Secret #3 3) After emerging from the water and climing up to the building above, there is a grate in the floor. Slash the grate and fall down through. Below is a sewer that leads to secret 3. Keep exploring and you will emerge again through a hole above the water area.