Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

MotS Level 2: Asteroid Crust
Objective: Gain entry to the Security Check Point in the asteroid caves. Identify and auxiliary entrace to the Imperial facility. Find a way to disable the auxiliary door from outside of the security perimeter to gain entry into the facility. Once inside the imperial facility make your way down to the asteroid's core.

Reward: Three force stars towards your force powers.
Level of Difficulty: A lot of tricky jumps, and long falls. Save often and becareful.
Note: The screen shots are included with a description of roughly where each is in the game. The shots are in the likely order that would be encountered in the game.
Secret #1 1) Near the Security Check Point, you will find a hole in the wall off to the far left side of the room. Go in and drop down as far as possible, crouch and you should see secret 1.
Secret #2 2) Above the far tower, there is an opening to secret 2. You must carefully drop down on the right side to a ledge below. Grab the items and return to the far right edge. You must do a controled force power "jump" to get back up to the ledge above.
Secret #3 3) Ride the activated lift to the bottom of it's movement. At the bottom, part of the track is missing, and the lift can go no further. Drop into the hole where this track is missing to get to secret 3.
Secret #4 4) In the area with a large blast door, you can go towards a y-junction. Use the switch at junction to open a floor above. Go out the blast doors and up the elevator into the facility. In the left rock tunnel, you will find a hole in the floor.
Secret #4 5) As you take the floater down the large opening, you can jump off to a ledge on one side that contains secret5. This is just before the bottom of the cavern and the end of the level.
Secret #4 6) At the bottom of the cavern, there is a large machine. Move to the right of the machine, and behind it, you will find a drop off with a few ledges on the near end. One of these ledges is secret area 6.