Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 8: Palace Escape

Objective: Escape from the ballroom to the palace rooftop. On the roof of the palace, a slight misstep means a certain end. Use the air ducts to gain entrance back into the tower and track down 8t88. Find 8t88's shuttle by using the palace venilation system to cross to the far tower.

Reward: Three stars towards force powers. Your rank is now apprentice. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed","jump", and "pull".

Level of Difficulty: The objective is correct in the sense that you have to watch your step, a lot of long falls here. However, the overall level isn't too bad. There are a few areas that seem to be there just for the hell of it. One is the area with the dragon. In terms of secrets, most are easily found if you keep your eyes peeled for walls you can damage.
Note: The screen shots are included with a description of roughly where each is in the game. The shots are in the likely order that would be encountered in the game.
Secret #1 1) When the elevator descends to a lower area, before you change it's direction to the roof top, you can go around a wall in the far lefthand corner that leads to secret area 1.
Secret #2 2) When you walk around in the ventilation shaft, you will find a breakable floor section, which is secret area 2, it is between the two entrances.
Secret #3 3) As you begin to descent down the ventilation shaft, when you walk down the ramp like section, there is a breakable wall on your left and secret area 3.
Secret #4 4) When you reach the air shaft that blows you across to another building, you are near secret 4. Move up the shaft that actually blows you and when you get up, peer into the shaft. There is a cubby hole which is secret area 4. It requires a timed jump to drop into the area.
Secret #5 5) After you are blown across to the other building, follow the ledge on the right around the building. You will come to a grill that can be broken and secret area 5.