Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 2: The Lost Disk

Objective: Recover your father's datadisk from clutches of 8t88's severed arm. Clear out the three-eyed Grans to create a safe landing zone for the Crow. Work your way to the top of Nar Shaddaa. From there Jan Ors will pick you up in the Crow.

Reward: One star towards force powers. Can't be assigned yet, you are uninitiated.

Level of Difficulty: Somewhat difficult level. Difficulty is mainly in the number of bottomless pits you can find yourself falling into. Most of the secrets are well hidden in this level, with a number having timed jumps need to reach them.
Note: The screen shots are included with a description of roughly where each is in the game. The shots are in the likely order that would be encountered in the game.
Secret #1 1) After leaving the sewer like pipes, you find your self on a ledge with a sheer drop. Just below that ledge is another that can be reached with a careful drop between the support columns. Across from you are what appear to be the back exhaust pipes of a ship.
Secret #2 2) Located in the room just before you find the furnace and conveyer belt with the enormous crate. You need to jump on a few crates to reach the ledge where the secret area is found.
Secret #3 3) Easily visible, secret three is found in a compartment on the side of yet another bottomless pit. It takes split timing not only to jump off the forks, but onto them as well. However, it isn't necessary if you try this alternative solution.
Secret #4 4) Located in a crate storage area, and just before a non-functioning conveyer belt is the room with secret 4. It is necessary to climb up the crates on the left of the entrance and then jump to reach the secret area.
Secret #5 5) Located in an area with two raising platforms and a conveyer belt in the middle. Secret five can be found with two other secrets. It is necessary to jump on top of a thin wall from the first platform to move over to the secret area found under the conveyer belt.
Secret #6 6) Located in an area with two other secrets, secret 6 is found above secret 5. It is necessary to let the second platform rise, and jump off into the secret area found above the furnace.
Secret #7 7) Located in an area with two other secrets, secret 7 can be found above secret 6. To reach the area, it is necessary to let the second platform rise, and jump onto a left hand ledge found just below the destination of the platform.
Secret #8 8) Found just before the Crow's landing area, secret area 8 can be reached by walking along the walls seperating a sheer drop with the ramp leading into the area.