Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 15: The Falling Ship or Into the Dark Side

Objective: Race to the captured Moldy Crow in the landing bay before the cargo ship crashes into the canyon floor below. You can use the breaking thrusters to slow the ship's descent.

Reward: One star is awarded towards force powers on this level. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", and your three light or dark jedi powers.

Level of Difficulty: Boy, this is a different level. Apparently the path to the cargo hold is a little quicker if you make the tricky jump into the secret area. I didn't try the other route, so I am not sure if this is true. I found this to be the most difficult level so far. It is difficult to control your movement, and get oriented properly, but it is a lot of fun and different. The secret to this level is easily missed, but not difficult to find. It is difficult to jump into though.
Secret #1
1) Located directly in front of you when you start the level, to the immediate left of the door is a tunnel entrance. The tunnel is secret area 1.