Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 13: The Lost Planet of the Jedi

Objective: Locate the first bunker that guards the magnetic field. Find and destroy all the circuits powering the first magnetic field. Sneak past the second magnetic shield and find the main cargo lift to the base of the valley of the Jedi.

Reward: One force star is awarded at the end of this level. You also now receive the abilities of "persuasion" and "grip". You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", "health", "throw", "persuasion" and "grip". Watch your meter on the bottom to indicate your current status with regards towards light and dark. The next level, and it's ending movie sequence will be affected by your meter. If you are dark or light, you will have different movies, and will end level with different powers.

Level of Difficulty: I really like this level. There is a lot of water, and a number of very thin ledges to run across. The level is pretty linear, and the need to sneak into the area along a pipe under a bridge was a nice touch. Some of the secrets can be difficult to find in this level, especially the ones in the water.
Secret #1
1) When in the water, you will pass under a rock over crop. There is an entrance underneath the over crop that leads into secret area 1.

Secret #2
2) Located behind the left sentry gun near the bridge is a cave entrance. The cave is secret area 2.

Secret #3
3) Located within the bunker that houses the last of the switches, you need to use to turn off the first field. It is in the area to the right of the entrance, beneath some fuel containers. Destroy the containers to open the breakable grill. Alternatively you can enter the secret area from the liquid, but you will take considerable damage.

Secret #4
4) Within the pool after the first field, you can take a right tunnel offshoot. If you follow this, you will enter an area with a large slanted wall to your left. Once on the wall, you will see a cubby hole and secret area 4 to your left. The way I got into the cubby hole is to use force power "speed" and kept trying to jump into the opening. I typically jumped higher then the cubby hole and just had to control my fall to let me slide into the cubby hole.

Secret #5
5) Located after secret area 4 is a river. Swim against the current to the left, till you see a waterfall. There will be a cave below the water on your right if you are facing the waterfall.

Secret #6
6) Within an area containing a large body of water, and a number of sentry guns, you will find secret area 5. It is below the path, and above the water surface, near the middle of the body of water. You will need to use force power "jump" to reach it.

Secret #7
7) Near the door that opens to reveal the bridge with the walker, you will see two crates, one on top of the other. If you jump on top of the crates, you will find secret area 7.