Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 12: Escape With the Map

Objective: Enter the main cargo hold. Inside, you can jump from the magnetically-suspended cargo into the control room. Manipulate the catwalks around the exhaust venting port to work your way topside. Return to the main deck and look for the Crow.

Reward: Three stars towards force powers. Your rank is now Charge. You can assign up to four of your force stars towards force powers "speed", "jump", "pull", "seeing", "healing", and "throw".

Level of Difficulty: Not to difficult a level. The red lighting was nicely used to signify the core and what not. The secrets are more or less in two areas, and are only difficult to find if you don't use a light in rooms.
Note: The screen shots are included with a description of roughly where each is in the game. The shots are in the likely order that would be encountered in the game.
Secret #1 1) When you have entered the main cargo hold, after you have gotten to the bottom where there is a conveyer belt and some crates leaving the room, you will find secret area 1. Move to the left of the room, and you will find a passage way behind two crates that leads to the secret area.
Secret #2 2) The second secret is found in the room where the conveyer belt is taking the crates. If you move directly forward after destroying the sentry gun, you will notice an opening in the wall in front of you, up above. Use force power "jump" to reach the area.
Secret #3 3) Located to the right of secret area 2, is secret area 3. It is a cubby hole in the same wall. I found it easiest to reach this area by jumping onto the various suspended crates and dropping down into the area.
Secret #4 4) Head back to the entrance of the main cargo hold, where the crates are entering on the conveyer belt. Near the entrance, if you follow the conveyer belt, on your right is a grey walkway. Get on the walkway and follow it to a lift. Take the lift to the top. Move forward and when you can turn right at the corner of the wall and go between the wall and the crate. Destroy the patch of the crate and go in to find secret area 4.