Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Character Profiles
Below are profiles of the major characters you will encounter in the game Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.

The Good Guys

Kyle Katarn Kyle Katarn
You play Kyle Katarn, a mercenary that has previously infiltrated the Empire in Dark Forces. Kyle will embark on a new quest to learn of both his past, and the powers of the mysterious Jedi. Kyle travels will take him from world to world, constantly seeking information concerning his father and the circumstances of his death.
Jan Ors Jan Ors
Jan Ors, Kyle's partner in crime. Often it falls into Jan's lap to bail Kyle out of the various situations he seems to get himself into. Jan is a tough rebel, who is the only friend Kyle really has.
Qu Rahn Qu Rahn
Qu Rahn, one of the last of the Light Jedi Masters that is now deceased, has passed his sabre to Morgan Katarn to be given to Kyle when the time is right. Rahn, has had a vision that revealed Kyle's powerful Jedi destiny to defend the Valley of the Jedi. In addition to his sabre, Rahn has left behind his journal of his travels, thoughts and things he learned to lead Kyle in the ways of the force.
Morgan Katarn Morgan Katarn
Slain father of Kyle, Morgan was the last keeper of the location of the Valley of the Jedi. Kyle seeks to avenge the death of his father and protect the Valley as his father did before him.
Max the Rabbit Max
Included in the game is Max, a character that was part of a past bestseller from Lucas Arts called "Sam and Max". Max is benign until shot. You can find max in a locked door on level 5. Images of him are scattered through various levels of the game. One of these is found at end of level 9. As you jump from the fueling pipes to the ship, turn 180 degrees and look back at the end of the fueling pipes.
Weegee Weegee
Nobody ever gives the droids credit. Without Weegee, Kyle would not have deciphered his fathers message, gotten the map to the Planet with the Valley of the Jedi, gotten his lightsabre, or even gotten the journals of Qu Rahn. But does he get any credit? No, of course not. After all he is just a household droid that was built from spare parts by Morgan Katarn to be a helper around the workshop.
The Bad Guys

8t88 8t88
Barterer of information, 8t88 was once a lowly calculation droid. Power and money have become his priorities, 8t88 will deal with anyone to achieve them. Kyle chases 8t88 through the first 11 levels to discover the location of the Valley of the Jedi and to get back his father's data disk.
Yun Yun
Yun is the least experienced and unpredictable of the Dark Jedi. Yun will be your first test as a Jedi. He is a young and overzealous, weak in the ways of the force. Kyle will encounter Yun on level 7, and again on level 16 if Kyle chooses to follow the dark path.
Pic and Gorc Pic and Gorc
They claim to be twins, but they are anything but identical. Gorc is tall, slow, strong. Not quick to anger, Gorc can be difficult to stop. Gorc's brother Pic is anything but slow to anger. Clearly the brains of the two, Pic can be difficult to track down and defeat. Pic and Gorc are encountered on level 11.
Maw Maw
Due to his battle with Rahn in the opening movie sequence, Maw has lost his legs. Still powerful, Maw is nothing short of a muscled levitating incarnation of rage. Be careful of his beserk spins and love of throwing objects. Kyle encounters Maw on level 14.
Sariss Sariss
Perhaps the most powerful of the dark jedi, second only to Jerec, Sariss is both strong in the force and with the sabre. Sariss is only encountered by those that choose to follow the light path on level 16, those that follow the dark path will encounter Yun for the second time.
Boc Boc
Boc, the strangest of all the dark jedi is just a bundle of laughs. An expert in the use of two light sabres, Boc is formiable. Difficult to catch, and even more difficult to hit, Boc will keep any Jedi busy. Boc is Jerec's last defense on level 20.
Jerec Jerec
The antagonist in this story, Jerec is walking darkness. Jerec has a grasp of the dark side that gives him powers that rival even the legendary Lord Vader. His lust for power knows no bounds, the universe may soon be his playground.