Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 3: I have both wrenches, now what do I do? All the doors seem to be closed.

Objective: The lake has a minilock in it. By using both wrenches, you will turn the locks and trap some of the water that is from the waterfall. It iwll allow access to a doorway that is otherwise closed by water pressure.

Level of Difficulty: If you travel most of level in 3rd person point of view, you could easily miss the entrance to this area.
Look for tunnel entrance Jump into the lake and change to first person point of view if you aren't already. Swim to the left away from the waterfall. In the floor of the man made lake is a tunnel entrance. Swim down the entrance.

Use wrenches At the end of the tunnel you will emerge in a small control room. To the left is what is left of the collapsed hallway that used to lead to the garden. Use both wrenches on the their respective areas and watch the locks in the lake turn to form a mini dam.