Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 2: In a hole with a number of Grans and a conveyer belt.

Objective: At a point in the map, you must drop down into an area with a number of crates, a number of Gran, and a stopped conveyer belt near a control room.

Level of Difficulty: Very simple and easy to do.
Looking down on the conveyer belt Move forward and around the holes to the left. Peer down in to the hole. when you find the hole with the conveyer belt in it, drop down onto the conveyer belt, or to the area above the furnace.

Throw the switch Jump from the conveyer belt to the control room on the side. Activate the switch and jump back to the conveyer belt. Drop off the far side, and follow the wall around the far side.

Climb over the boxes Jump up and over the various boxes and make your way to the far end. Take the lift you find on right up to the top of the furnace and jump down onto the box travelling on the conveyer belt. Ride the box to the top.