Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Level 1: Stuck in Command Room With Closing Roof

Objective: Enter a pit that leads to a control room with a switch. However you keep getting stuck in the pit when the roof closes on top of you.

Level of Difficulty: If you move slowly, you will continuely get trapped inside the control room area.
Outside the pit and control room
Travel forward and drop into the pit in front of you on the far right.

Follow ramps up Follow the ramps up to the top.

Find the control button Find the switch near the computers that controls the doors on the floor outside the control room. Throw the switch and sprint back down the ramps to the pit you dropped into to get to this area.

Jump out of pit on edge Jump onto one of the edges of the pit and jump back onto the floor above. The doors on the floor are sliding out and covering the pit you were just in. If you are slow to get down the ramps, the doors will already be closed. You will have to go back up the ramps and throw the switch to first close the doors and then open the doors again.

And look what is revealed Once you are out of the pit, you will find a ramp and a few holes that you can drop through. These were covered by the doors.