Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Through out the game, there are various objects you can pickup in the game that will find their way into your inventory. Some are important to complete the game, others add to the experience.
Keys Keys
At various times in the game, it is necessary to find keys in a level to progress further. Normally the keys are required to open a door. You can either find the keys on a floor or counter, or it may be necessary to kill someone to make them drop the key. It varies from level to level. Typically the doors are marked in some way to indicate the color of the key required, or a text message will be displayed informing you of what key you need. Two types of keys are displayed to the right. Included in this group are the special keys called wrenches.
Bacta Tanks Bacta Tanks
Bacta Tanks are portible health packs. You can keep upto a maximum of five in your inventory at all times. To use the bacta tank, the default key is F4. It is a good idea to become familiar with the key to use the bacta tanks so you can heal yourself in the heat of battle without taking eyes off the screen. Bacta tanks will heal you to a maximum of 100 health.
(respawn 60s, heals 30 health)
Health Pack Health Pack
The health pack will heal you as soon as you pick it up in the game to a maximum of 100 health. You can not keep them in your inventory, if you want portible health packs, find some bacta tanks.
(respawn 30s, heals 20 health)
Battery Battery
The battery is usually only found in the single player game and is either dropped after killing someone, or it is a powerup waiting to be picked up. Each battery picked up increases the battery power by 25 to a maximum of 200. You begin the level with a battery level of 100. The battery is used by both the fieldlight and the IR goggles. The field light uses the battery energy at a rate of 1 battery unit/second. The IR goggles use the battery energy at a rate of 5 units/second.
(adds 25 units to inventory)
Backpack Backpack
When a player is killed in a multiplayer game, all their weapons and ammo are dropped in a backpack. Picking up their backpack will add all the items to your own inventory.
(varies depending on what player was carrying)
Dark Force Powerup Dark Surge
Picking up the Dark Force Powerup will give you unlimited Mana for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, you will have you mana level at your maximum available level.
(Respawn 60s, Mana unlimited, Duration 30s)
Mana Boost Mana Boost
Available on all multiplayer levels and some single player levels, these powerups increase you mana level. You normally will regenerate your mana at a rate of your Jedi Rank/2 to a maximum of 4 health/second. Your maximum mana level is dictated by jedi rank * 50. This gives a maximum mana level of 400.
(respawn 30s, multiplayer increase mana 100, single player increase mana 50)
Light Force Powerup Light Surge
Picking up the Light Force Powerup will give you unlimited Mana for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, you will have you mana level at your maximum available level.
(Respawn 60s, Mana unlimited, Duration 30s)
Super Shield Super Shield
The supershield is often misunderstood, picking it up if it is available is a good idea. When you pickup the super shield your shields are increased and you are invulnerable for the duration of the powerup.
(respawn 60s, duration 30s)
Power Boost Power Boost
When the power boost is being used, your rate of fire is doubled and the time to refire is halfed. Essentially you fire twice as much in the same duration.
(respawn 60s, duration 30s)
IR Goggles IR Goggles
Changes the tint of the screen making it easier to see. The goggles use the battery power at a rate of 5 units/second.
(respawn 60s, duration max 40s)
Shields Shields
Increase your shield level by 20 to a maximum of 200
(respawn 30s)
Data Disk Data Disk
The datadisk and 8t88's arm is available in level 2. The datadisk contains information about why your father was killed and what Jerec is after.
Energy Cell Energy Cell
Used by all energy weapons like the concussion rifle, the bryar pistol, and the stormtrooper rifle. One Energy Cell increases your energy level by 20 to a maximum of 500.
(respawn 30s)
Power Cell Power Cell
Used by the repeater rifle and the bowcaster, one power cell increases your power level by 25 to a maximum of 500.
(respawn 30s)
Rail Charge Rail Charge
Used by the rail gun, one rail charge increases your rail inventory by 3 to a maximum of 30.
(respawn 30s)
Armor Vest Armor Vest
Boosts your armor level to 200.
(respawn 60s)
Smuggler's Backpack Smuggler's Backpack
The smuggler's backpack uses the same model as the backpack in multiplayer but contains a stormtrooper rifle, 40 energy, 20 shield, and 20 health.
(doesn't respawn)
Stormtrooper's Backpack Stormtrooper's Backpack
The stormtrooper's backpack contains one stormtrooper rifle, 20 energy, and 10 shields.
(doesn't respawn)
Revive Revive
The revive increases your health to it's maximum of 100 and increases your shields to their maximum of 200.
(respawn 60s)