Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

This section is available so that those that don't want to look at the walkthrough can find solutions to areas they are stuck in the game without ruining the whole experience.

Here are the links to the Levels:

(Star's represent maximum number of force stars per level. The total number for the game is 31.)
Button Level 1: Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa Star
- Opening the First Door
- Stuck in a Command Room With Closing Roof
Button Level 2: The Lost Disk Star
- In a hole with a number of Grans and a conveyer belt.
- Opened door with Red Key, what now?
- I am trapped in area with conveyer belt and a large black crate.
- How do I get in area in the wall with the forks?
Button Level 3: The Return Home to Sulon Star
- Front door is locked, how do I get in the house?
- I found the locked red door in the garden, but where is the key?
- Where is the yellow wrench?
- Where is the blue wrench?
- I have both wrenches, now what do I do? All the doors seem to be closed.