Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

General Tips
This section will assume you know how to join or host a game, and will get into the specifics of playing the game. Unlike the approach of much of the site, I will use the first person point of view and generally give my opinion on how to play the game. If you have a good tip that isn't covered, send it my way and I will likely add it.

Light or Dark?

To begin with, multiplayer games are very different compared with single player games. Your opponents are much more intelligent, usually know the level they are playing on, and have a wide variety of tactics and force powers to use against you. Now everyone has their reasons for choosing the dark path, or the light path when it comes to playing multiplayer. Everyone chooses which they like to play based primarily on their style.

Here are some general guidelines you can use, if you can't decide on your own which path you should focus on.

If you like to catch your opponents unaware, can strike very quickly and are very very accurate then go with the Dark side. However if your style of play is "in your face", you don't hide or try to be hard to find, can dish it out, you get poor connections, etc. then the Light side is better for you. The reason I feel this way, is that all the dark side forces are offensive, and most drain your mana quickly. You must be able to strike at your enemy, vanquish them, and then get away to recuperate. You can't take the time to hang around and start a sabre sparing match, unless it will be quick. If you take too long, you will just get mowed down. The light side on the other hand is purely defensive in nature. It focuses on countering the dark side and allowing you to play the game in your style of choice, usually either guns or sabre. If you have a poor connection to the game, using some of the force powers for the light side will keep you alive until you can react. And if you need to heal, or gain mana, there are force powers available that can help.

Assigning the Stars
Jedi Lord - Light (Rank 8)
If your are familiar with all the force powers, both in their abilities and counters, then this is a good rank to play. If you are not familiar with the force powers and able to use them quickly, you can quickly find yourself overwelmed. Playing the light side allows you to counter many of the force powers, and allows you to play the game as you want. This rank is best for former quake players that prefer weapons over force powers. I fall into this category myself. Focus your stars on the following force powers: Jump, Pull, Sight, Heal, Absorb
Jedi Lord - Dark (Rank 8)
Many that play the dark side at rank 8, use similar tactics. Many are also unfamiliar with how to overwhelm an opponent that can counter most of their force powers. If you like to play the dark side at rank 8, learn to use all your weapons, and all your force powers. Remember even if they don't cause damage, some will still push your opponent around with force powers "throw" and "destruction". Focus your stars on the following foorrce powers: Jump, Pull, Sight, Destruction, Grip
Disciple - Dark (Rank 6)
If you play any games from Ranks 5 to 7, play as a dark jedi. Without force power "absorb", force powers are no longer balanced and light jedi are vulnerable. A light jedi must be able to counter force powers if they want to defeat experienced dark jedi at this level. Without force power absorb, you are basically just a sitting duck, when they don't use force power "grip" on you. Focus your stars on the following force powers: Jump, Pull, Sight, Grip
Journeyman (Rank 4)
The journeyman rank is one where your choice of dark or light has little impact. I favor the light side because I can heal myself during the battle. Most MP levels don't have objects to throw, so force power "throw" sees little use, and force power sight is unnecessary since there is no force power "blindness". Focus your stars on the following force powers: Jump, Pull, Heal
Apprentice (Rank 3)
At rank 3 or less, everyone shares the same force powers. Base your allotments purely on your style. Stack force power "pull" if you like to grab weapons from people and pull them to you. Use force power "jump" if you like taking short cuts. And force power "Speed" come in handy if you like to speed through the levels. Force power "sight" is wasted at these ranks, don't assign stars to it unless you really like playing with the blue contrast. Focus your stars on the following force powers: Jump, Pull

As you can tell in my recommendation of force stars, I don't mention using force power "Protection" or force power "Deadly Sight". I feel the cost of getting either force power is not worth it. Neutral force powers are very important in a multiplayer environment, and it is very difficult to defeat an good experienced player if you use these force powers.

Tips on Using Force Powers

The force powers are what make Jedi Knight the challenging game that it is. However they don't replace common sense. Play smart, and you can defeat anyone.

First off lets examine each of the neutral forces and discuss their benefits, uses, tips, etc. in multiplay.

Jump- force power jump is important. It allows you to travel to various parts of the levels quickly and efficiently. Most levels will be designed with force power "jump" in mind, however only when four stars are assigned to it. In almost all levels, the heights of jumps are exactly at the maximum for force power jump, so assign as many force stars as you can afford to this force power. Combined with force power "speed", you can jump higher and further then normal.
Speed- force power speed is best used when retreating or when in water. When in the water, you are extremely vulnerable and should make your best effort to get out as quickly as possible, force power "speed" can help. On land, the extra speed will allow you to run past mines and out of range before they detonate, but in regular combat, they can be more of a hindrance. If you typically play on the internet when playing multiplayer, then the combination of speed and the inherent delay in reactions due to lag can make it difficult to hit your opponents. You are more difficult to hit with a sabre when force power "speed" is used, but it isn't any more difficult to hit you with other conventional weapons.
Pull- force power pull is a very important force power. You should use it to grab weapons from your opponents hands. This will work in all cases except if the jedi is using force power absorb. You can pull backpacks away from someone about to pick it up, or pull powerups to you so you can try and keep as quiet as possible.
Sight- force power sight is useful, but limited. It is a purely defensive force power and protect you from blindness. If you are battling light jedi, it is a good idea to try and keep it on at all times. The mana cost is relatively low and the benefits of being able to see your opponent should be obvious.
Neutral force powers form the basis of movement in the level. Force power Jump is perhaps the most important of all of them for moving around the level, and taking shortcuts to surprise your enemy. Practice these force powers and you will stay alive long enough to kill your opponent, or escape from them. Now lets look at the light path force powers.
Heal- the most basic of the light force powers. Assign as many stars as your are comfortable with using, but don't stack this force power. Assigning stars to other force powers is more important so you can avoid damage in the first place. Light jedi with force power "heal" have the advantage in sabre duels since they can heal without having to retreat. Keep this in mind if you like to sabre duel.
Persuasion- this force power is very good in four situations that come to mind. If you are low on health, use force power persuasion to avoid combat until you can heal. If you are in a game where force powers "grip", "deadly sight", "pull" or "throw" are used, they can't target what they don't see. If you are a good distance away and want to sniper on your opponents. And finally, if you are in water. When in water you are most vulnerable, so it is best others don't know you are there.
Blindness- blindness is good for surprise, but is only effective if you have three or four stars assigned to it. The force power basically changes the color of the screen closer and closer to white depending on the number of stars assigned. With one or two stars, it is still relatively easy to play when you have been blinded. With more then two force stars it is more difficult. Use this force power if someone is using force powers "grip", "deadly sight", or "throw" in the game, it will counter them.
Absorb- this force power is your best friend. Choose it and leave it on as much as possible. I use force power "absorb" rather then "heal" even if I need health. The force power will counter almost all offensive dark path force powers, and it will also counter force power "pull". You can play whatever style you prefer, and can keep your weapons. One thing though, because of the high cost of the force power, you must continually pick up power boosts to keep it on at all times. You usually will not be able to keep it up during sabre battles, due to their duration and the slowness of your recharge rate. In these cases, wait until you think other force powers will be used before you enable it. Remember that most force powers like "grip" can be countered with this force power after they have been initiated.
Protection- This force power is expensive, both in terms of cost of mana, and the loss of all neutral force powers. When you have selected this force power, resign yourself to the fact that you will play most games, only with a sabre. All other weapons will be pulled from your hands. However you are only suffer impact damage. Either by falling a good distance, or from force power "absorb". All other force powers do no damage. The force power is essentially a shield that will absorb a set amount of damage until it runs out. However this damage is only impact, all other damage is simply nullified. As time passes, the strength of the shield reduces and you won't necessarily have the shield for the full duration if you take damage in the game.
Light force powers are primarily defensive and are best used with that in mind. If you choose the light path, you should be prepared to defeat your opponents with your weapons and your sabre. My recommendations on dark force powers are below.
Throw- this force power is overlooked for obvious reasons. The force power is dependant on the presence of throwable objects like small crates and debris. However if you are on a level with plenty of debris, this force power may be the most powerful one in your arsenal. The force power has a very low mana cost and at high levels you can throw a number of objects, reducing your enemy to ground beef in seconds. It is unfortunate that this force power isn't used more often because it is extremely powerful.
Grip- often this force power is overused and often not used properly. With the exception of jedi's using force powers "protection" or "persuasion", this force power will effect everyone. It is only cancelled at your choice, if line of sight with target is broken, or if you are damaged in some way. It is best to use this force power when you have a weapon prepared. Use the force power to immobilize your target and then shoot them with your weapons. They aren't going anywhere. If you like to be sadistic, wait until someone is in the water on a level like canyon oasis and then use grip on them. Wait around and watch them drown. The targeting is not effected by the warp effect of the water.
Lightning- Lightning is a quick and dirty force power. It has a a very high cost and will quickly drain your mana. However it will inflict a lot of damage and you can steer the bolts. I recommend only using this force power in tight corridors where your opponent can't dodge, and in sabre battles when your opponent is directly in front of you.
Destruction- You can have a lot of fun with force power destruction. When used in tandem with a weapon like the concussion rifle, you can do a lot of damage to your opponents. Remember as well, the force power applies a force vector to your opponents. This mean it will push them back... good for pushing them off ledges and watching them take falling damage.
Deadly Sight- Thought the cost of this force power is high, it inflicts a lot of damage quickly on multiple opponents. Because this force power can be easily countered, use this force power when your opponents and victims are unaware of your presence. Try and sneak up on them and hit them hard. Most will not recover in time if they don't have their counters in place, but beware, your mana will drain quickly.
Dark force powers can be very destructive, but a number require the element of surprise. A good light jedi will nullify most if not all of the advantages that the dark side offers, so you still need to be proficient with your other weapons. Use the force powers smartly, and you can still inflict a lot of damage on your opponents.
General strategies

These are some general strategies you can use when playing multiplayer games. If you don't decide to use them personally, be aware of them, most of your opponents will play in some variation of this style.

1. Learn the level and establish a path that you will take through the level. Know the approximate amount of time it takes you to travel the path and vary it from time to time. Be aware of all potential hiding places along the path and keep and eye out.

2. Watch for patterns and paths that your opponents follow. Watch to see if they like to use force powers like "jump" to take short cuts when trying to get to areas or cut you off.

3. Learn the respawn times of all powerups in the game and keep a silent count in your head so you can be there to grab them up when them reappear.

4. Always try and grab the light or dark powerup when it is available. The powerup lasts 30 seconds giving you unlimited mana, and will respawn in 60 seconds. If you don't control it, one of your opponents will and that will make them more difficult to defeat.

5. When you are near the opposite mana powerup, i.e. your are a light jedi and near the dark powerup, use force power pull to move it from the respawn point. It will sink out of the game and not be picked up, denying your opponents their powerup.

6. Never stop moving. If you stay in one place, your are an easy target. Remember that most internet games have a delay in your actions due to lag, so staying in one place for any duration will make it easier for your opponents to hit you.

7. Listen when playing the game. Jediknight has a number of sounds that will tell you where your opponent is. Footsteps are heard, splashes, weapons, doors, elevators, etc. Use this to your advantage and always know where your opponents are.

Well that is all for now. I will add to this general section in the future as new ideas and tactics come to me. If you have a suggestion, drop me a line, and if it is a good basic strategy, I will add it.