Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Yun Yun - Level 7: The Dark Youth
Available Forces: Persuasion, Blinding, Jump
Health: 500

Yun is not difficult to defeat. Due to the the damage modifiers I listed on the main Dark Jedi page, Yun will take little damage from conventional weapons. Chung reported that to kill Yun with the rail gun, you need over 100 rails. Your only real option is to use the lightsabre when battling Yun.

Yun's strategy is pretty basic. He will constantly use force power "jump" to move behind you when you get further then 10 meters away. He will try to use force power "blind" on you, but due to his low jedi rank, the blindness doesn't last very long, nor does it impair your vision greatly. Finally he will try to use force power "persuasion". On some levels this might have been a problem, but level 7 is very small so you can see him regardless if he is visible or not.

Your best strategy with Yun is to circle strafe around him and swing just after he has committed himself. Try to stay away from the table, it will restrict your movements. Best areas are just past the table near the wall with the window, or near the lift where you have a lot of room to maneuver. Yun only has a health of 500 so he takes very few hits to kill him in contrast to most of the other Jedi. At the end of the level you won't kill Yun, instead you will spare him because you are such a nice guy. If you become a Dark Jedi, you will battle him again on level 16, this time to the death.
Yun - Level 16: Battle to the Death
Available Forces: Persuasion, Blinding, Jump
Special: Blinding doesn't work against Yun. It will be nullified within 3 sec.
Health: 1000

Yun is more difficult to defeat then he was on level 7. Again, due to the the damage modifiers I listed on the main Dark Jedi page, Yun will take little damage from conventional weapons and you will have to use a lightsabre for your battles.

Yun hasn't changed his strategy much on this level, and persuasion is a much more powerful force power then it was on level 7. However you have more powerups available and a few new tricks up your sleeve.

Your best strategy is to grab a mana powerup and head for the remains of the ship. Inside there is quite a bit of debris you can use that Yun can't. He doesn't have force power throw, so no worries of taking damage of that type. Stand in the middle or just off the the edge, and keep using throw after throw on Yun. Let him feel the full power of the dark side! Just be careful to avoid letting him use force power "blinding" on you because you can't use force power "throw". So constantly keep force power "sight" up and running and you should have no problems.

An Alternate strategy proposed by Anand Ramchand for defeating Yun the second time: Another way to defeat him is to head up to "The Crow", using the upslope path just behind and to the right of where you start the level. Using force power "jump" to get across the cliffs to the Crow. Yun can't make the leap so he stays down at the bottom. Then it's pretty easy, using rail charges, detenators, and the concussion rifle(especially) to kill him. All it takes is a little bit of patience. Of course, it does help very much to wear him down a bit before going up to the Crow.