Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Sariss Sariss - Level 16: Jedi Battleground
Available Forces: Pull, Deadly Sight, Jump
Special: Blinding doesn't work against Sariss. It will be nullified within 3 sec.

Sariss is the consomate perfectionist. She will battle you but will not combine sabre and force attacks. She will only use one or the other. So if you keep your distance, expect to have to deal with force power "deadly sight". Liberal use of force power "absorb" and the tactic of running and ducking inside the ship is a good idea. Sariss doesn't seem to want to enter the ship, and if you don't have absorb enabled, you will need to get out of line of sight to stop taking damage from force power "deadly sight"

When you start the level on the messa top, jump down and go find a mana powerup. Force her to come down and bring the battle near the ship. If you run out of mana and can't use force power "absorb", you can still run into the ship to stop taking damage. Another force power, force power "persuasion" will help you defeat Sariss. She can't use deadly sight on you and you can try and attack from her undefended side. Generally I found she favored the figure eight swing when attacking, so keep this in mind when attacking.