Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Maw Maw - Level 14: The Revenge
Available Forces: Grip, Throw

Maw is not a happy camper. He constantly moves, and due to the fact that he hovers, he is not limited to staying on the walkways. You are not so lucky. The level is broken down into three distinct sections. Maw will travel to the middle section when he is reduced to less then 70% of his total health, and will move to the final section when he is reduced to less then 40% of his total health.

Maw's sabre technique is based mainly on his brute strength and mobility. If he takes a lot of damage, he will initiate a spin attack that is difficult to block. If he does the spin maneuver on you, just get out of the way until it is over.

This level has some crates on it, so force power "throw" is a definite option, especially when he is no where near the walkways. You will find that you can't circle strafe Maw to battle him. Your best option is to come in forward, attack and retreat.

When you move to the final portion of the level, your maneuvering room will increase quite a bit. At this time maneuvering and liberal use of force power "throw" should make defeating Maw pretty simple.