Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Jerec Jerec - Level 21: The Force Within
Available Forces: Lightning, Destruction, Pull, Jump
Special: Will flee to recharge if health drops below 25%

Jerec is extremely difficult to defeat, so I hope that you have practiced your lightsabre skills. If not, it will take a long time to defeat him.

Jerec has all the advantages on this level, he can reheal, he has use of a number of the force powers that he likes to use while sabre dueling, and he can cut you off from the source, ending the level on you.

At the top of the spire, is an area where Jerec will recharge his health and force energy and come out at 100% again. You can stop this by pushing both buttons behind the statues he will be dragging towards the center to cut off your ability to draw from the well. Pushing both buttons will stop the statues and then you need to float up the middle to the top and disrupt Jerec. You can do this with a weapon or a force power. This sometimes takes a few times to do before you defeat Jerec. He will run up to the top when his health has fallen below 25%.

When dueling with Jerec, the general technique is block, block, block, attack, retreat, block... etc..etc.. He is very good and will deflect most energy weapons back at you just before he pulls them from your grip. Use the other weapons only if you have blinded him or have force power "absorb" enabled.

Chris Western sent me news of an interesting tactic for defeating Jerec. Plant alot (15) sequencer charges near the entrance so that when Jerec goes to recharge himself.... This would be a good tactic for dark jedi who don't have access to force power "absorb". Note conventional weapons are only good when Jerec is heading to recharge.

Sean Byrnes is to run into an alcove where items respawn and allow Jerec to follow you. When he gets close, use force power "jump" to get over him and attack him pinning him inside the alcove. When he tries to flee, you have him pinned. Now, Sean mentions that you should weaken him down a little first, sort of to the point just before he goes to recharge. That way he will only be thinking of running and not attacking.

Stephen Notley sends word that if you are a light jedi, when the level starts, go directly up the air vent. When Jerec follows, grab the Light surge and drop down. Jerec will follow, but since you've got unlimited force power, you can hit force power "absorb", and then go in and kick his ass with the sabre, hitting force power "Heal" every couple of seconds. Sure, he'll take rounds out of you with the sabre, but you can nullify any damage he gives you as long as the Light surge is in effect. When it wears out, just go back up the air vent and grab the Light Surge again, since it respawns every 60 seconds. The effect is that you can slam away at him pretty much with impunity, so he goes down pretty quickly.

Steffan Berg told me that when Jerec runs away, you can stop him from recharging by getting in front of him near the entrance to the spire and keep pushing on him from getting in. If you get directly in front of him and push forward and attack with the sword, you can defeat him pretty quickly.

TacoMan has the following strategy for defeating Jerec if you are a light jedi and really like to slice and dice your opponents. As soon as the fight begins, fly up the vent, grab the light surge, and immediately use force protection. Use force persuasion and blind him. Blind him every 5 to 10 seconds. Just run at him and slash away. Repeat this again after the force protection has run its course. After awhile, pin him in one of the places with medkits and dark surges. Slash him into nothingness.