Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Pic and Gorc Pic and Gorc - Level 11: The Brothers of the Sith
Pic's Available Forces: Persuasion, Jump
Pic's Health: 600
Gorc's Available Forces: Grip, Repel, Jump
Gorc's Health: 800

It is not a good idea to battle both brothers together at the same time. Best to grab any of the bacta tanks you can that are to your left and right, and immediately jump out to the top of the tetris block suspended above the floor. Both brothers will come out, but chances are good that only Gorc will make the jump to the top of the block to battle you, at least at first.

Gorc is slow and only uses force powers when you are not close to him. It takes Gorc a long time to swing his sabre, so you have a lot of notice and can usually get out of the way. Remember you can always jump over or duck the sabre swing if you are caught within the swing radius. I found that running against Gorc and pushing forward doing quick short swings defeated him pretty quickly.

Pic is much more difficult to defeat. His diminutive stature makes him more difficult to hit and his habit of using force power "persuasion" can make it difficult to find him. Use force power "sight" to counter his invisibility and track him. If you battle Pic when Gorc is still alive, he may jump onto Gorc's shoulder and then launch himself at you. From Gorc's shoulders he can jump further.

Ted Youmans told me that after defeating Gorc, he returned to the area where 8t88's body is. He then out of desperation used the repeater on Pic. After about 20 hits, he defeated Pic. It seems that the AI lost track of him and just started to pace below the block.

Martin Fay sent word of the following strategy. Again this exposes a flaw in the AI. If you immediately drop down from where you start, the brothers will follow you. As they drop down take the air draft back up to the top of the tetris block. Run forward and go to the far side away from where the solid part of the block is so you are on the edge of the block with nothing but space in front of you. If you do this, as the brother's use the air draft, they will start to move towards you and miss the edge of the block. They will fall down and take some falling damage. Apparently this cycle will continue until they both die. You don't even need to use your sabre. Not elegant, but hey this is war isn't it?

Matthew Daly sent me the following advice on defeating Pic and Gorc. It is similar to an above strategy but may be a little more clearly explained. Start off by dropping down to the lower level, hopefully getting both of them to follow you. Then, run to the far side of the room and up that air channel to the upper platform. Once up there, run around the gap and onto the small shelf on the sides. You want to wind up in the northeast corner of the room (assuming you started in the south -- I guess I'm not positive about the compass directions on this level), looking at the air channel you just came up. Both Gorc and Pic will try to rise up the channel to get to you, but neither has smart enough AI to realize that they have to first land on the platform before coming around to where you are. So they both fall through the gap, take damage from the fall (you can hear the groans), and die after a dozen falls each or so.