Trail's Guide

To Jedi Knight

Boc Boc - Level 20: A Crude Nuisance
Available Forces: Destruction, Repel, Jump
Special: All but immune from Grip

Boc can be a real pain in the ass to kill. He doesn't run or walk, but jumps everywhere. This can be unpredictable, and it requires split timing at times to hit him. As if that isn't enough, he also uses two sabres, with which he can easily block most of your attacks. If you don't attack at him in an intellegent manner, you likely won't defeat him.

Boc seems to use his force powers only if you have gotten a good distance from him. During close combat, he rarely if ever tries to use force power "destruction" on you, though he will repel you if you get too close. I have heard that he throws one sabre at you in some battles, but I have personally never seen this myself.

Of all the force powers, I found force powers "absorb" and "persuasion" to be most useful for light jedi. With force power "persuasion" you can creep up on him and attack him from behind. He will hop away, so you will have to do it multiple times, but it is one way to defeat him.

If you are a dark jedi, you can try using force power "destruction" or "throw" on him. The side area has alot of shrapnel that can be used just for this purpose.

The Pope has an alternate strategy for you. In the room with all the debris, opposite the statue with the health pack behind it, are two ledges, one to the left and one to the right. You must use force power "jump" to reach them. The two ledges are deep enough that if you stand at the back of them, Boc can't hit you with force power "destruction". If you time things properly, you can move to the edge of one of the ledges, nail Boc with force power "throw", then quickly move to the back of the ledge before he uses force power "destruction". A little patience and Boc will be quickly vanquished this way.

As an addition to the strategy detailed above, Anand Ramchand recommends getting on the ledge just inside one of the hallways near where the room with the debris is. The ledge has some force boosts on it, and it is deep enough to avoid any attacks by Boc. If you used force power "throw" in the room with the debris, some may have gotten into the hallway and you can use it when on the ledge.