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To Jedi Knight

Canyon Oasis: Analysis of the level
Written by Your_Mom, modified and edited by Trail

Note: This is a very long document.
Hello, lets begin by saying that I play too much JK, and much of it is done playing Canyon Oasis with guns. In that time I have learned various tricks and shortcuts for this particular level. To master the level, you must know where everything is, know where your opponents are, and know how to get from place to place quickly, it will only help you play better and more consistently.

Force Powers

Force powers play an important role in JK. Three in particular must be mastered to truly be a force to be reckoned with on Canyon Oasis. These are force powers "sight", "speed" and "jump".

When I play, I try to keep Force See always on. I find that force power "sight" has the following advantages:
  1. The games contrast is improved
  2. Prevents people from blinding you
  3. Nullifies effects of persuasion
I believe that being able to play with force power "speed" always on gives me an advantage over players that do not use it. Learning to use force power "speed" takes time, but the results are worthwhile. Force power "speed" has the following advantages:
  1. Can catch others in the game more quickly
  2. Can escape from trouble quickly
  3. Can shoot weapons faster (yes it does work)
  4. Can jump further and higher with normal jump
  5. Can run over mines setting them off without taking damage
To be able to gauge the distances acquired with force power "jump" is another skill that takes time and practice. Most of what is discussed here will require a combination of force powers "jump" and "speed". Since Canyon Oasis is such a small level (compared to other levels), one can take shortcuts through the level to suprise/catch/rundown/escape opponents. One thing that many players forget when they play multiplayer JK is that by just tapping the force power "jump" key, you can reach your full jump. Too many times have I chased someone down and killed them, because they spent too much time sitting in one spot, charging their jump. It is a waste of time...just tap it, man--you'll get up there!

Random Tips and Tactics

  1. You can use force powers "speed" and "jump" to reach the concussion rifle (and sniper position) from the sides of the pool. (where you find the shield powerups).
  2. The concussion rifle respawn area is a good sniper position, but don't stay there too long. Other players will realize where you are and will avoid you. It is difficult to dominate the level from this position. After you get the concussion rifle and have fired a few shots, leave. A quick route is to drop into the water channel below.
  3. If someone goes to the sniper area just after you have left, return and you may catch them off-guard, waiting helplessly for the rifle to respawn. You know, the one you just picked up.
  4. To flush someone from the sniper position, try the following technique (assuming dark jedi, light jedi substitute weapons):
    1. With full mana, turn on force power "speed" and use force power "jump" to move from the edge of the pool to the sniper area.
    2. Use force power "destruction" on the person, grab the mana there, and use force power "destruction" again.
    3. If they are not dead yet, or haven't take off, shoot them like crazy.
  5. Don't become predictable. Alternate your routes to different areas, and your exits from those areas.
  6. If you swim up to the sniper position, don't use a radius weapon in the narrow tunnel going up.
  7. Run over all items in the level to pick them up. It isn't necessary to slow down to pick things up, so why not get them? This is especially true for shields and armor.
  8. If somebody is far away and shooting rockets at you, you can easily avoid them by jumping and strafing out of the way (if they are shooting straight at you, anyway).
  9. When using a gun that has a blast radius (rail gun or concussion rifle), shoot objects near people, or shoot the ground under their feet. It will not be as strong as a direct hit, but way too difficult to hit moving targets with these weapons. However remember to shoot where they are going to be and not where they are presently.
  10. Use a technique I call a "super hit". Combine force power "destruction" with a shot form either a concussion rifle or a rail gun. Think about it: If you shoot just a gun or use just force power "destruction", your opponent will run away after the gun shots whiz by is head (or hit his head), but if you fire two at once, he will take greater damage before he can react...Often times, if the person has just spawned or is low on health, the "Super Hit" will kill them when a regular hit from either attack would not.
  11. Attack Sabre duelers!!!!! This is the ultimate cherry-picking opportunity!! Fire a "Super Hit" into the middle of the melee, and both will die, or at least take lots of damage (easy to kill afterwards). This cannot be stressed enough...Shoot at people who are weak from battle.
  12. Assess your current health and shields. If you get too low, avoid would-be victims and find bacta tanks and shields. If your current levels are fine, hunt people down. Keep in mind if you die, you loose your weapons and your opponents gain them putting you at a real disadvantage. Better to miss the opportunity for a few kills then become chicken feed until you can get weapons.
  13. Learn to circle strafe your opponent. Strafe in one direction, but turn towards the opposite direction to continue to face inwards.
  14. Rather than running up all the ramps and swimming all the tunnels, just use force power "jump" to get to points you need to be...a good way to suprise opponents and cut corners.
  15. Keep your ears tuned to your will hear other players running on ramps and platforms. And, since each place has a unique sound, this helps you to know where they are.
  16. Drop mines. Mines can be dropped in several fashions:
    1. Kamikaze: a player just drops them while he runs through the level randomly
    2. Strategic: Like the name says. Often place two mines together
    3. Mass Dropper: A player will drop so many bombs, so close together that it is hard to get around without the whole load blowing up.
    Good places to put them include near health, near shields, near Bacta, near the water tunnel opening in the sniper position, in the hole that the Red Star is in. Also keep in mind you can detonate mines use weapons like you concussion rifle or rail gun.
  17. Find places where you can turn around and chase players that were chasing you...A good spot is near the Rail Gun.
  18. When you are above the water, like on a high ledge or something, shoot your Concussion Rifle into the water... notice where it goes?? That's right-along the surface. Use this to your advantage. Its easier to aim at swimmers with this.

Paths through the level

Routes from the water
As you can see, it is quite possible to jump from in the water (using force power "jump") to the bridge, stone walkway, or any other structure of that height. Note that you can only jump out of the water if you are on the surface of it.
Routes from or over the water
It's possible (with force power "jump") to jump from the stone walkway to the bridge. Or from the edge of the pool to the bridge/stone walkway. It isn't indicated here, but it is possible (with correct timing, and force power "speed") to jump from the bridge (when running towards the switch) onto the edge of the stone platform. This technique is useful to intercept other players.
The jump to the sniper position
Here you can see where to jump from if you want to reach the sniper position. You must use force power "speed" and force power "jump" to do this.
The water channel below the sniping position
In this picture, you can see the water that you should fall into when leaving the sniper position. One tactic that I use: When someone is in the sniper area with you, shoot them or use force power "destruction" before they turn around. When they turn around, jump into the water and start swimming towards the tunnel, like your going to take it up and attack again. But don't! Just swim back out after a second and jump back up to the sniper position. You will catch them off guard watching the tunnel.
The bridge
This is the bridge. Pick up Bacta here. Try and make sure that you have a full load of Bacta all the time. Right below this, in the corridor, is the armor. PICK IT UP!!!! OK? Oh, the bridge is a good place to attack sniper from, especially if you want a clear shot at them. It's hard for them to hit you, especially if your strafing back and forth when your shooting. To get on the bridge, use force power "speed" and just run across. You can jump if you want, but its fairly clumsy and sometimes you are bound to miss. But, If you just run across, then you will not fall... and-its quicker!
Rail gun area
OK, this is where a lot of action takes place-by the rail gun. To best take advantage of any situation that arises here, you need to know your way around here pretty well. Here's the scenario: You are chasing a guy down the ramp and he turns the corner (rightmost arrow). What do you do?? Do you just follow him? No-He'll load you full of rockets from the Rail Gun that he just picked up. So, you just turn on your Force Speed and do a NORMAL jump off the wooden platform (center arrow) onto the ramp, right behind your little friend. From there, you have your way with him-before he knows what the hell happened. BWUHAHAHA!! OK, what next? You killed him, but not with getting injured and you have already picked up the health boxes on your way down to whup this guy. Do you sit by the health area waiting for it to come back? Nope. What you do is run off the spot where you originally landed (off the wooden platform) and do a Force Jump onto the bridge (leftmost arrow). From there, you refill your Manna, and then pick up some Bacta. Also, while your up there, you might want to turn off the electricity that the other players turned on.
Circling around rail gun area
OK, from this shot you can see what to do if you're chasing somebody from the other side of the Rail Gun. Just hop off the platform (lower arrow) and Force Jump (just tap it!) up to the other platform. Then, circle around and shoot the other person in the mouth, or you can wait till they run by so that you have a clear shot of them from behind. OR, you could turn on speed and run further down the platform and Force Jump up to the top of the stone walkway and meet them there ;). (the lower arrow also marks the point from which you should Force Jump to the metal bridge up above)
Quick escape
OK, this one is pretty cool, but tough. Just turn on your Force Speed and Force Jump up from the edge of the wooden platform onto the bridge. You won't get hurt, and this is a VERY quick getaway.
OK, I guess that's it for the screen shots. I hope they helped. Take into consideration that these screenshots and tips are just examples of what can be done... don't be afraid to try new stuff. I know there is more stuff, but I was just too lazy to put it in here. I hope this document has helped you some. Anyway, I usually have a T1 server up, so if you want to play me in a game or just want to ask some questions, then don't hesitate to email me or reach me on IRC at Your_Mom.
PS: If you are a mouse user like me, and you have trouble remembering the keys, or you just want a new config, try this out (these are the keys I use)... Just cut it out and put it over your number pad. Enjoy!!